Best Site Builders For Artists

October 5, 2016

Any artist who wants to reach a wider audience simply has to accept the fact that these days most of anything happens online. It is online that we find about art, music, literature, movies, games, politics, anything at all, really. People decide what they like and what they don’t like by visiting websites and social media much more so than visiting actual galleries. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the galleries have lost their purpose – on the contrary. But the first contact with an artist’s body of wotk these days comes largely through the Internet.

As an artists, especially an emerging one, you are probably painfully aware of this, and you are also aware of the fact that a Tumblr page or an Instagram profile simply won’t do. Those are some excellent platforms for engaging a wider audience, but they do not allow you to showcase your art in the best possible way. You cannot upload hi resolution images of your work on Instagram, can you? That is why you need a website. However, many artists fear that paying someone to make a website for them would cost a fortune or definitely make a huge dent in their otherwise modest budget. That is where the website builders come into play. They are very convenient and as such, they are hugely popular, but not all of them can fulfill your specific needs. That is precisely why we have created this list of what we strongly believe are the best website builders for artists available right now. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The website builder sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every website builder or website builder offer available. Close


If you have some experience with website builders, you have probably heard of most of the entries on this list. There is one good and simple reason for that – they are popular precisely because they are good. They offer a lot to their customers in terms of convenience and reliability, and for you, as an artists, they offer even more – they offer you a chance to present your work in the best possible way and to do it on your own terms, editing and customizing your website until it looks and works exactly how you want it.

Our team of experts has conducted some in-depth research of the website builder market, using several different factors and criteria, and finally came up with this ultimate list of the best website builders for artists. We are positive you will find the right builder that will do justice to your artistic work.

Editors Choice

Weebly Review

weebly homepage

Easily create a beautiful presentation of your art with Weebly and enjoy the advantages of using one of the best website builders currently available. The wonderful design and a great set of useful features that will help you introduce the world to your work come together with a perfectly simple editor that lets you add, edit or remove anything in a second, while also spending no time on coding or other non-creative work. You get to decide on the style of every element, introduce beautiful backgrounds featuring images or videos or you can simply enjoy the beauty of the templates without any customization.

The templates feature contemporary design with focus on imagery and other high-definition media content, giving you as much space as you need to show how talented and skillful you are. The pages consist of sections suitable for adding information about you as an artist, creating galleries, inserting contact forms for easier communication, as well as a blog where you can write news and interesting information about you projects. All templates are beautifully designed and instantly look great on all devices, with quick loading of the website regardless of the quality of the images and other content.

Let your visitors know what others think of your work by using the Testimonial Builder app, which makes it possible for anyone to create a text or video testimonial or a review directly from your website. Weebly also offers you the Appoinedd app as a perfect solution for making bookings. The app is mobile optimized for easy booking on any device.


Wix Review

wix homepage

Wix is a website builder that is very easy to use, even if you don’t know the first thing about web design and writing code. This online editor does everything for you – all you have to do is decide what you like and what you want to have on your website, and, of course, upload your art. The first thing to do when you open a Wix account and start creating the website for your art is to pick a template.

This website builder comes with hundreds of beautiful, modern templates that are completely customizable and many of them are absolute design gems. Aesthetics is important for you as an artist and Wix definitely understands that. You can change anything you want in your template to make it match your style and the overall feel of your artwork.

There are also over 40 stunning galleries you can use to showcase your art, you can add videos, music to set the atmosphere, create a lightbox and so on.  Wix also offers HD video hosting, in case your art involves this medium. Furthermore, you can add links to your social media pages, add easy follow buttons for Facebook and Pinterest, create contact forms, surveys, forums, add live chat and use a handy booking app for appointments.

You can even add client testimonials. Wix also handles your marketing and SEO, manages your contacts, and, of course, hosts your website. Finally, if you want to sell your artwork, there is an excellent online store you can set up in no time.


Duda Review


Duda is a great website builder that lets you create a website as unique as your art. Apart from allowing you to make a site with ease, without any skills, by just dragging and dropping items onto beautiful templates, it also lets you customize to your heart’s desire. Change the color scheme and choose the one that best goes with your images, select the most suitable font style, add wonderful backgrounds for every row and set a unique favicon that will appear on your visitors’ browser tabs.

The design of the templates is truly impressive and you will certainly find at least several options that will go perfectly with your art. With a lot of room for large, high-quality images, Duda lets you display as many photos as you wish and organize them into galleries and if you wish, you can also add some nice videos to further entice your viewers. The templates are responsive, allowing for perfect displaying on all devices and everything loads quickly, so your visitors don’t waste time and lose patience.

Adding a section with information about you and your art can be a nice way to let your visitors get to know you. You can also let them message you through your website via a contact form, and if you wish to inform them about your location or give them your phone number or email address, you can do so in a contact section.

Social networks are great for letting your clients and fans of your art know what you are currently working on and Duda allows you to add widgets that redirect your visitors to your presentations on social networks. They can also post comments directly on your website and tell you how they feel about your art. It is also possible to import galleries from your Facebook page and save time on creating new ones for your site.

Greet your visitors differently each time they visit your site with the amazing InSite feature. With over 40 InSites available, you can wish them a warm welcome, ask them for feedback, offer them to sign up for your newsletter, wish them happy holidays, or even create your own InSite for an ultimately unique and personal touch.


IM Creator Review

imcreator homepage

IM Creator has some great news for all artists out there who need a website – the premium version of their XPRS website builder is offered for free to all artists, students and non-profit organizations. What this means is you can enjoy all the perks and features that come with paid plans – for free. No charge at all. This interesting move is not the only thing that attracts artists to this website builder.

Artists will surely appreciate the fact that XPRS has a huge and simply stunning selection of templates that are available for everyone. Some of the templates are even made by well-known designers. The templates are responsive by default, which, in laymen terms, means you don’t have to fix or adjust anything on your website or create mobile versions to make it fit a mobile device screen.

Artists will also appreciate the fact that XPRS comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage space, meaning you can upload as many images and media files of your work as you like. There are also some impressive galleries, made according to the latest design trends, some even with cool special effects. You can create custom contact forms so that all visitors interested in your work can easily reach you. If you want to sell your art, you can integrate a third-party online store as well, complete with professional credit card checkout. With XPRS, IM Creator makes sure all artists get features and tools they need in order to create an impressive, fully functional website in no time and with very little effort.


WebsiteBuilder Review

website builder homepage offers you a chance to create an excellent, functional and visually impressive website that will help you promote your art, reach larger audiences and, ultimately, get more clients and commissions. It is a very simple website builder but it comes with everything you, as an artist might need. has a great selection of templates you can choose from and some of them are particularly arty. You will probably want your website to be visually absolutely stunning and to reflect your art and your style. allows you just that, not just with remarkable templates, but also with great customization options.

With, you can have unlimited pages, so perhaps you will want to set one to serve as your CV, where you will list your accomplishments and education, and one can even be a blog. However, the most important part of your website will probably be the images, because that is how you will present your art. comes with plenty of bandwidth and storage space so you will be able to upload high quality images of your work, or perhaps even video and audio files, if that is what your art is about.

You will also be able to create a custom contact form so that people can reach you and book an appointment or ask about specific works. You can sell your art directly from the site as well, but in that case be sure to pick the plan designed specifically for online stores.


As we mentioned earlier, our experts were guided by several important factors when compiling the list of the best website builders for artists. One of the foremost factors, which also applies to any sort of purpose, not just an art website, is the ease of use. If you wanted to do it the hard way, you wouldn’t be using a website builder, would you? Same as with the price – a website builder needs to be affordable, otherwise, what is the point? Fortunately, almost all website builders are very easy to use. The ones we included in our list, however, are particularly simple and can be used by anyone, regardless of their computer proficiency. If you have ever uploaded a picture or played around in a basic image editor, you will definitely be able to use any of these website builders with absolutely no difficulty.

Another important thing about builders is that you can always change the way your website looks. Nothing is written in stone – you can create a website and publish it, and then decide you don’t like a certain element or the style of your site, and then go back to the editor and change it within a few minutes.

We understand that for you, as an artist, the visual feel of your website is just as important as its functionality. Most of it comes from the template, or the theme, that you get to choose from a website builder’s template gallery. We made sure to include only those website builders that are known for very well made, high quality and contemporary templates. Some offer hundreds, and some even thousands of templates to choose from, and there are even those created precisely for artists working in different fields and with different art forms. If you are inclined to design, you can even pick a blank template and build the visual elements all on your own. Also, if you have some basic coding skills, you can implement those as well.

The thing that probably interests you the most here is what are some ways you can showcase your work using a website, more specifically, what tools will you have at your disposal? These website builders are ideal for artists precisely because they offer different ways to present your art. You will probably want to use images or video, if you are a visual artist, or video and audio, if your work involves music and sound.

As for images, all these website builders offer plenty of options when it comes to uploading and storing your high quality images and photographs. Not only that – there are also plenty of editing options, which you should definitely use, because you want your images to fit your website in the best possible way. Some builders even offer you to add special effects that will make your images really pop. Look for builders that offer plenty of storage space, preferably unlimited storage, so that you don’t have to worry about overreaching the limit with your HQ photos.

Your images can be arranged into beautiful galleries – some website builders offer several different ones to choose from, and there are also slideshows (animated or with special effects). Of course, you can also upload videos of your work, even in HQ (with some builders) and use different tools to present them in a unique and interesting way. In addition to this, these website builders also help you promote your art on social media, in local listings and with newsletters, membership apps and forums, and there are always some handy SEO tools for better social engine ranking.