Best Site Builders For Blogs

August 23, 2016

These days, writing a blog is a big trend. People feel the need to write about different sorts of things, from their personal thoughts to industry-specific articles. You can write a personal blog for your friends, family, and a generally smaller audience or a business blog for your company. Journalism, travel, health, food, music, fashion, education, art, photography, movies, politics, economy…these are just some of the most popular blog subjects. It’s no wonder everyone wants to be a blogger – it is a fun, easy, and convenient way to get your voice heard.

There are many blog platforms out there and many people are using them, but those blogs are always connected to the platform in some way, at least through the domain name. That’s why many aspiring bloggers turn to website builders. Having a website as a personal platform for your blog, a website that is all yours and where you have all the managing and editing power is, for many users, way better than using some of the common platforms. After all, it will make you appear more serious, professional, and skilled.

Still, actually building and managing a website sounds like too much work for many people, not to mention it sounds like it requires some degree of computer, coding, or design skills. With website builders like the ones featured on our list here, that is most certainly not the case. Not only do they allow you to create a website by yourself but they also give you a lot of freedom in terms of customization and site administration. Basically, site builders allow you to create and run an excellent, nice-looking, and functional blog with all the necessary features. Read on to find out which website builders we feel are the best for just about any kind of blog you can think of. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The website builder sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every website builder or website builder offer available. Close


As you can see, there are plenty of website builders to choose from that will allow you not only to create a beautiful and professional-looking website but also to include a blog and manage it with great ease. We have followed a number of different, important criteria when determining which precise website builders are right for this purpose so that you could make an informed decision before committing to one.

Editors Choice

Weebly Review

weebly homepage

Whether you already have a blog or you are just starting one, Weebly is a great place to turn it into a sensation, with great, modern templates, a full set of blog features and powerful SEO tools that will help you grow your audience. With Weebly’s drag and drop editor, creating a blog is a smooth and simple process. Just drag the desired items to your pages and they will automatically fit in, with all the additional editing just a click away.

You can choose from 8 wonderfully designed templates particularly created for blogs and enjoy the beauty, functionality and responsiveness of their design. All of the templates feature long-scrolling pages with sections that can be easily added, removed or edited. This format is perfect for adding large, attractive images to go with you posts. You can use the landing page to say something about yourself and highlight your latest and most-popular posts and add an unlimited number of additional pages.

Weebly allows you to perfectly organize the content on your site. You can create categories and sort your posts any way you wish, in order to allow your visitors to search your entries by topic or any other tag you choose to apply. You can also create an archive with all of your posts sorted chronologically, so everything you wrote is easily accessible, no matter the publishing date.

If you want to inform your readers about new and upcoming posts and other updates, you can create a newsletter and regularly remind them about your content. You can also allow them to add comments and let them tell you how they feel about your posts. In order to keep an eye on your site’s traffic, find out how popular your posts are and learn more about your audience (their age, gender, location…), get real-time stats by accessing Weebly’s analytics directly through your dashboard or use Google Analytics for even more detailed and customized traffic and audience information.


Wix Review

wix homepage

As one of the top website builders in the world right now, Wix has a lot to offer to those interested in starting a blog, regardless of its purpose, scope and style. You can easily create not only a blog but everything else that goes with a proper website, in no time and with no effort.

Wix is a drag&drop website builder, meaning it is incredibly easy to use. You do not have to know anything about coding or anything else. It’s like an application or even a wizard that guides you carefully and patiently through the process. Creating a basic blog takes mere minutes. Simply sign up for Wix, pick a template you like and start writing, uploading pictures, videos and creating galleries. Once the basics are done, you can proceed to add other elements to your blog, such as contact forms and comments boxes. There is also an option of archiving your posts. If you want, you can add additional pages since Wix allows unlimited pages.

Wix App Market is full of useful, easy to use apps that will make your blog more attractive and efficient. Wix will also help you with traffic, marketing, visibility and SEO. All Wix themes are responsive and there is a mobile app as well, meaning your blog will look amazing on any device and you can update your blog on the go. Depending on your plan, you can have your own, custom domain name, or the one associated with Wix. The same goes for Wix ads, which are removed on paid plans.


Webnode Review


If you are a blogger looking for a website builder that will allow you to create a beautiful blog quickly and with ease, Webnode might be a good solution. This builder’s drag and drop editor allows you to add images, written content, and various other elements in a single step, easily use effects and custom backgrounds, and, once you are done editing, have your site published in less than a minute. Webnode has just recently introduced the option of creating an independent blog with specialized templates for that purpose. Since they are currently working on enhancing this option, you can expect more improvements and features in the future. For now, you have all the basic tools you need to create, promote, and spruce up your blog.

The templates they offer are all beautifully designed and optimized for mobile viewing. They allow you to add striking images to your posts – just remember that the first image you insert is used as the cover photo. You can display your posts on an individual page with all the entries in one place or select the latest or most frequently read ones to display on the landing page, with beautiful, large cover photos to entice your readers. You can add as many pages and sub-pages as you like and tell your visitors something about yourself. You can also let them contact you through the contact form that can be added on a separate page. It is also easy to create a newsletter in order to email your readers and inform them about updates on your blog. Webnode protects you and your forms from spam by using the Captcha system.

With Webnode, it is easy to keep track of your blog’s popularity and get to know your readership by using either built-in analytics or Google Analytics. Find out how many times readers accessed a particular post, how many visits you have had so far, get detailed information about your readers (where they come from, how old they are, etc.), and more.


Duda Review


Duda is a great solution if you want to create a gorgeous blog with ease. It lets you import everything you want to have on your website in one step and keep it in the Content Library, so you can just drag elements onto the template directly from the editor. You can edit all elements in a single step and easily introduce changes both before and after you publish your site. You will be happy to hear that there are no limits in respect to bandwidth and the number of pages you can add.

With this builder, you get several beautiful, modern templates designed especially for blogs. Apart from browsing the templates by category, you can also browse them by color scheme and easily find the one that most appeals to you. All the templates are modern and elegantly designed and they adjust well to all screen sizes. Before you choose the one you like most, you get to see what your website would look like displayed on devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

When creating posts, you can easily add titles, text, videos, images, and tags. You can display your entries (along with attractive cover photos) in two different segments – all posts and recent posts. Apart from your blog posts, you can add galleries, a contact form that lets your visitors ask you questions directly from your site, add some information about yourself, including contact information and your location displayed on a map, and you can let your readers sign up for your newsletter.

If you want to know your readers better, find out what kind of people like your posts, and get detailed stats on the number of visitors, page views, and other data related to site traffic, you can use the rather impressive built-in analytics and also add Google Analytics for even more custom reports.


WebsiteBuilder Review

website builder homepage is a reliable and affordable solution for everyone interested in starting a blog, especially if you want a great, functional website to come with it. This website builder comes with free hosting and, depending on the plan, free domain name, SEO tools and marketing.

It is a drag&drop editor, so you can rest assured you won’t have any trouble using it to build your website and your blog, even if you don’t know the first thing about coding or design. There are plenty of templates to choose from, and offers a lot of them that are made specifically for blogs. After you have selected a template, you can customize it by adding your own content, of course, but also by changing some of the visual elements and sections. offers a mobile editor that you can use to adjust your blog so that it can be viewed on mobile devices.

You will probably want your blog to have plenty of visitors, which makes easy by including some powerful SEO and marketing tools that will not only promote your website but also make it rank high on the most popular search engines. Also, if you have any products to sell, an online store can easily be integrated into your website. Some of the useful things you can do with your blog include adding tags un-publishing or duplicating your posts, and also add pinned or featured posts.


As you can see, there are some pretty amazing website builders for blogs. None of them are created specifically for blogs, of course, but you don’t really need that. What you do need is a fun, easy, and quick way to create a website where you can host your blog and share your thoughts, your content, and whatever it is you want to put out there.

The best part of these website builders is that they give you a lot of autonomy in various areas. First of all, you can actually create a website all by yourself. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, these builders are what we call “drag & drop” editors or website builders that work similarly to building blocks or jigsaw puzzles. You pick a template that suits your style and aesthetics the best and you start building your website using it as a basis. You simply add elements, sections, apps and widgets, and, of course, your own content. You can use the website itself as a blogging platform or you can add a separate page that will serve just for blogging. It’s entirely up to you. When it comes to customization, you can change pretty much everything you want, from fonts and colors to banners, scrolls, and buttons. You have complete control and freedom to change your website or blog to fit your needs.

You will also want your blog to be mobile-friendly or responsive. These website builders either come with templates that are responsive by nature or offer easy to use mobile editors so you can adjust your blog for smaller screens. Some even offer a handy mobile app so you can update your blog anytime, anywhere.

All this can be done in no time and with no particular skills or knowledge required. You can be a complete noob, as they say, and still be able to build a nice website. If you encounter any problems, there is always customer support that will guide you through the process. We made sure to include only those website builders that are known for good support and extensive knowledge bases with articles, tutorials, and FAQs.

Some website builders are simply better than others in certain areas, especially when it comes to the number of features they offer. Every decent website builder should offer hosting, plenty of bandwidth (preferably unlimited), additional pages, plenty of storage space, and a domain name of your choice. Those are the basic things, but it’s also important to be able to use additional features that are not only useful but sometimes even necessary. We are talking about various tools that will promote your blog and help you get seen and heard. Another important aspect is social media integration. It allows you to connect your blog to your profiles on various social media websites so that you can get more visitors and better traffic. There are some handy tools here that you can use, such as comments sections, like buttons, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and so on.

If you want to interact with your visitors, many websites offer some useful features that will help you with that. Form builders allow you to create beautiful, custom contact forms that your visitors can use to contact you and you can also add forums, message boards, send newsletters, and so on.

The bottom line is that a good website builder will provide all the tools you need to run a successful blog, attract new visitors on a regular basis, and build loyalty. The site builders we included on our list of the best website builders for blog can definitely allow you to turn your vision into reality with little to no effort at all.