Best Site Builders For Photographers

July 23, 2016

If you think about it, what better way is there for photographers to showcase their work than to create a website? These days, everything happens on the internet, so if you are not online, it’s almost as if you don’t exist at all. If you want your work to be seen, you can’t wait for a gallery to book you a show. It’s a privilege reserved only for established artists and a few lucky rookies. Whichever type of photography you’re into, personally or professionally, you better get a website and you better do it quickly, because the competition will surely run you over if you’re hesitant. It may sound harsh, but if you think about it, it’s true.

Professional photographers live off their work. Art photographers would like to live off their work, but they would also love to be recognized by the artistic establishment and the taste-makers. Whichever way you look at it, it’s clear you need to get your work out there, in the virtual world, because that’s where everyone is. But the problem is that the idea of starting a website probably seems way too crazy for you. It’s a lot of work, you would need to hire someone to do it for you because you have no idea how, and it would cost a lot of money. We have news for you: website builders actually allow you to create your own online presentation for very little money and in no time. Some website builders are particularly suitable for photographers, and, after careful and extensive research, our team has come up with this list of what they believe are the best website builders for photographers in the world, at this moment. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The website builder sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every website builder or website builder offer available. Close


If you are a photographer interested in creating a great-looking and functional website that will promote your work and help you get clients, maybe even an art show, you should definitely consider giving one of these a shot. Our list consists of hand-picked website builders that will not only not disappoint, but will surprise you with their ease of use, convenience, affordability, useful features and great customer support. The time has come for you, as a photographer, to finally let the whole world see what you can do, thanks to these excellent website builders.

Editors Choice

Wix Review

wix homepage

If you are a professional, amateur, art photographer or photojournalist looking for an easy, convenient and affordable way to present your work to a larger audience, you should definitely take a look at Wix.  As one of the absolute best website builders in the world, Wix is ideal photographers and other professionals who are interested in putting their work out there. It is easy to use, comes in a variety of plans, some terrific templates, great features and excellent customer support.

Wix is a very intuitive drag&drop website builder and you don’t have to have any particular skills in order to use it. You can pick among hundreds of beautifully designed templates, or, if you are so inclined, you can make one from scratch. After you have picked the theme and set some basic functions, you can start uploading your photographs. Wix App Market has many useful apps for you, such as over 40 beautiful galleries, slideshows and more. You can create stunning photo and video backgrounds and basically do anything you want, visually, with your website.

In addition, with Wix you get plenty of storage space, which is important because you will probably want to upload hi-res photos, as well as SEO and marketing tools, excellent support, and more. In addition, you can create contact forms so your clients can stay in touch, and you can also add customer testimonials. Finally, you can even book appointments with your clients using the Wix booking tool.


Weebly Review

weebly homepage

Weebly is a perfect solution for creating a stunning presentation of your work. This website builder gives you ease of use, great tools for getting more views and consequently more clients and offers you the chance to display your photos in all their beauty on templates that are designed to provide a wonderful environment for your gallery.

With Weebly, you are just minutes away from publishing a striking site that your clients will love. Add elements by dragging them onto the template, insert a contact form so your clients can easily reach you and book your services, write something about yourself and your work, add a blog if you want to let your visitors know about your past, ongoing and future projects or exhibitions, create a perfect portfolio with galleries of your photos, edit the style of any element in an instant, choose beautiful backgrounds for each section (you can add both images and video backgrounds), hit publish and in seconds, the whole world will get the chance to enjoy your work.

This builder offers you 8 templates that are perfect for creating portfolios and allow you to add an unlimited number of pages. The design of the templates is modern and employs the long-scrolling format, with pages consisting of sections that leave a lot of room for displaying HD content, including both images and videos. The responsiveness of the design allows for perfect viewing on any device and your website loads quickly, regardless of the size and resolution of your photos.

With Weebly’s Testimonial Builder app, you can let your clients leave text and video reviews and testimonials, with videos recorded directly from the form on your website. The testimonials are Google optimized, which means that they get high ranking on Google, so your future clients can easily find out what other people think about your work. For visitors interested in booking your services, you can use the Appointedd app and make bookings with ease. If you want to find out how many people have visited your site, how much time they spent browsing, how many of them are male, female, young, old, whether they live nearby or anywhere in the world, you can use Weebly’s native analytics and Google Analytics and get detailed real-time statistics


Duda Review


If you want the world to know that you are an awesome photographer and get a chance to expand your client base, Duda is a great place for creating your portfolio. This website builder makes creating a site easier that you could ever imagine. It does not only allow you to simply drag and drop items onto the template, it also lets you use the Content Library to upload everything you need at once, so it is all readily available within the editor. The customization options are endless and just a click away: you can choose between different color pallets, font styles, adjust font size and line height, add/edit/remove various buttons and widgets, change the background of a single row or the whole website and add a cute, little favicon to be displayed on a browser tab.

All of this lets you create a truly unique portfolio to impress your potential clients. Duda offers several portfolio templates with amazing, modern design and the possibility to create wonderful galleries with large, high-resolution photos. Thanks to the responsiveness of the templates, your website will look perfect on any device, with no lags in loading the content, regardless of the size and quality of the images.

Though it is true that when your work speaks for itself, you shouldn’t interrupt, it is still useful to say something about yourself and let your clients know why hiring you is a good idea. You can also let them get in touch with you easily by adding contact information and a contact form – the easier it is for them to book your services, the more likely they are to do so. If you are curious about how many (and what kind of) people are interested in your work, be sure to make use of the extraordinarily good analytics that offer you detailed site stats, available directly through your Duda dashboard.


IM Creator Review

imcreator homepage

The gorgeous new website builder developed by IM Creator, called XPRS, allows you to build a website just like you would make a town out of Legos – one section at a time. You pick a template, make a section with your personal or professional info, add a section with your contact details (perhaps even a cool contact form), and one where you will exhibit your work. XPRS comes with stunning galleries and slideshows that follow the latest trends in design and even include some special effects.

With XPRS, you don’t need to know anything about coding or other technical stuff. You simply add, remove and rearrange sections around and your website will be ready for publishing in an hour or two. Simple as that. IM Creator takes care of hosting for you, and if you already have your own domain, you can connect it to your XPRS website. Depending on the plan, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, meaning you can upload as many of your photographs as you wish.

The templates are stunning, responsive and scalable and they guarantee an impressive, professional-looking website that will be able to handle your high-quality photos. On top of all this, IM Creator offers good SEO tools that will help you rank high on first pages of search engines. All websites created with XPRS are responsive by default, which is amazing, since you won’t have to adjust anything at all to make your website look and work great on hand-held devices and smaller screens.


Strikingly Review

strikingly hompage

Strikingly is a great solution for anyone who values great aesthetics. Apart from boasting an incredible design, this website builder is extremely easy to use due to its simple drag and drop editor, which was designed to help you create a truly striking online presence with minimum effort and no skills or knowledge about design, let alone coding.

All Strikingly templates are absolutely perfect for displaying photographs. Some of them are specifically created for portfolios, with a lot of room for galleries, images, and videos. The themes feature long scrolling pages which focus on large, high-quality images and take a minimalistic approach to text content so your work can get the space it deserves. The templates are mobile-ready, so your fans can enjoy your photos on any device.

If you wish to know how many people visited your website and browsed through the pages or how much time they spent viewing the content, you can use Strikingly’s built-in analytics and get detailed information such as location, age, gender, and other characteristics. You can add Google Analytics to your website and get all pertinent statistical data that will help you get to know your audience. If you want to make it easier for people interested in your work to get in touch with you, you can add a contact form to your website or mobile action buttons that allow your viewers to call, email or locate you in a single click.


When it comes to photography, it’s all about visual appeal, aesthetics and good design. But before you even get to these things, you need to cover the basics, and that’s the actual building of a website. As you have gathered from out list, all these website builders are essentially very easy to use. Some of them can be mastered in a few minutes, others may require some getting used to, but all of them are intuitive, simple and user-friendly. Drag & drop website builders are designed in a way that allows you to build your own website piece by piece, and to do so very quickly and in a frustration-free way. What you basically do is pick up different elements you want in your website, drag them and then drop them in the desired place. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can pick them up again and drag them someplace else, or delete them altogether.

The basis of your website is a template you pick from a template library that every website builder offers. Some builders have really amazing template selections and we made sure to include them all in this list, because we understand that for you, as a photographer, it is very important to have a visually appealing website. These templates are, in most cases, very easy to customize. You can change the layout, the background, color schemes, buttons, icons, fonts and so on. That way your website will really stand out among the others and it will really be your own. Of course, you do not need to have any technical skills to do this, because, as we said, drag & drop builders are extremely easy to use.

Speaking of templates, you definitely want your website to be responsive. A responsive site is a site that looks great no matter what device you’re viewing it on. Some website builders offer templates that are all responsive by default, which is great because it means you don’t have to do anything. However, many others do require you to do some tweaking, usually in the mobile editor, but that’s usually just a little bit of adjustment that won’t take up much of your time and the mobile editors are usually rather easy to use. It would be great if all website builders came with default responsive templates, but those that don’t offer them usually make up for it in other departments and with other important features.

As a photographer, your website is going to be all about images. You will probably want to upload only high resolution photos, and you will probably want to upload plenty of them, meaning you will need a lot of storage. All the website builders in our list offer enough storage for this purpose, and some even offer unlimited storage. There is also unlimited bandwidth in some cases, as well as unlimited pages, if you want your website to have more than just one. There are also form builders for contact forms, and, if you want, forums, message boards and other tools that help you get in touch with your clients and your audience.

In addition, some website builders come with truly excellent photo and image galleries and slideshows, and some are even animated. This is a feature that definitely comes in handy for those who want to showcase their photography.

In addition, photographers will probably want to connect or integrate their social media pages with their new website, and to also use some SEO tools to boost their visibility. The website builders in our list make this possible, and also offer other ways that help you get more traffic and, hopefully, more clients.