Best Site Builders For Real Estate

October 12, 2016

It is no secret that practically every business in the world right now relies heavily on online presentations, usually websites. Every business needs to have its own website in order to appear professional and reliable. This is perhaps even more true when it comes to real estate. Selling and buying property or conducting a brokerage business cannot be imagined in this day and age without a website. A real estate website has everything that both the buyers and the sellers need in order to successfully close a real estate deal. It’s not just pictures and general info that help you buy and sell property – it is also the air of professionalism and reliability that a good website conveys. Since real estate transactions always involve large sums of money, it makes sense that everyone participating in it wants everything to be absolutely safe, secure, trustworthy and professional.

With a real estate website, your prospective clients can check out what you have to offer without actually going to the trouble of visiting the property, which is convenient for everyone. You can list your website in the local real estate directories or use marketing tools to promote your business. It is clear that having a website comes with so many benefits for everyone involved, but new businesses working in this field, and especially individual real estate agents, often feel that creating a website could punch a painful hole in their budget, considering the costs of a designer and a developer and who knows what other experts. However, with website builders, everyone can create a cheap but professional and fully functional website for very little money and in no time. There are many website builders on the market but, fortunately for you, after extensive research, we have created this list of what we believe are the best website builders for real estate right now. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The website builder sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every website builder or website builder offer available. Close


The best thing about website builders is that everyone can use them. You don’t need to know anything about coding or design and you can still have an excellent, nice-looking site for your real estate business. They are easy to use and the websites can be created very quickly, saving you so much time that you will probably want to use on other aspects of your real estate business. They are very affordable too, which makes them ideal for small or very young real estate companies and brokers and independent real estate agents.

Editors Choice

WebsiteBuilder Review

website builder homepage

Whether you are an independent realtor or working for a real estate company, if you want to build a website for your business you should definitely check out This popular website builder is ideal for those that are only just starting, since it allows you to create a top-notch, professional real estate website without any particular knowledge, quickly and easily. It has a very simple online editor with all the steps carefully explained. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to create an entire website and publish it.

There are templates made specifically for real estate, and many of them are very smart and professional-looking. With you can show the property you are working with, presenting it in galleries and your own photos, and you can also, if you want, use some of the stock images that are available for free in the image gallery. In order to promote your real estate business and boost your sales, you will definitely want to use the SEO tools that come with plans, which help you push your site higher among the search engine results.

With paid plans, your website will be free of any kind of branding, and you will also have free e-mail, domain name and unlimited pages, as well as some ad credits to use as a marketing tool. You can use additional pages to keep a blog or post additional information about the property you are working with. There is a form builder you can use to create contact forms so your clients can stay in touch.


WebStarts Review

webstarts homepage

Webstarts is an excellent choice for real estate companies and independent brokers since it offers a possibility of creating a great, functional and attractive website without having to hire anyone to do it, and it also comes with some useful features you can use to improve your business and showcase the property you are working with.

This is a very user-friendly, intuitive website builder that allows you to create a website and publish it in just an hour or two. After you have picked and customized your template, you can proceed to upload your content, for instance create a photo gallery or a slideshow with images of your top property. You can also use the form builder to keep in touch with your clients, and connect your new website to any social media profiles you might have. This is highly recommended since it is proven to increase your website’s traffic. Speaking of traffic, Webstarts offers a native analytics tool you can use to keep track of your visitors, and there is also the possibility of Google Analytics integration.

Paid plans come with free ad credits for Google, Amazon and LinkedIn, which is a marketing tool you should definitely use. You can also add Google Calendar which you can use to schedule and organize events such as open houses. Webs customer support is very helpful and fast, however bear in mind that there is no live chat and that cheaper plans can only use e-mail support. There is also an excellent help page with FAQs and a knowledgebase that you can consult at all times.


Webs Review


If you are looking for an easy way to create a professional, functional website for your real estate business, you should consider Webs, one of the top website builders around and a great choice for any real estate business or independent realtor looking to get new clients and seal more deals.

Webs allows you to create a stunning, elegant website that will showcase the property you are working with and help you keep track of your existing and prospective clients. It comes with an editor that is remarkably easy to use, even for complete beginners. You do not have to hire anyone to make the website for you since Webs walks you through the entire process. The templates that come with Webs are very professionally done, and there are many of them that are created specifically for real estate business. After you have customized your template, you can optimize your website for mobile devices using the mobile editor, which won’t take long since most templates are almost completely mobile-friendly right from the start.

After that, you can explore some of the useful features Webs offers that should help you boost your business, such as SEO tools, analytics, marketing tools and so on. You can personalize your content to fit your business style and you can find different ways to engage more thoroughly with your clients. In addition to integrating your site with your social media pages, you can create contact forms so that your clients can reach out to you, send promotional emails, add maps for your property locations, and, of course, create a stunning gallery with photos of the property. Finally, make sure to use the Local Listings feature that puts your real estate business in all relevant local directories.


Cabanova Review


If you are in the real estate business, you know that selling property is all about good presentation. With Cabanova, you can create a great website for your business and make every house seem like a dream home, with beautiful images integrated into equally attractive, professionally looking templates. The site building process is extremely simple – the drag and drop editor allows you to add anything you wish to your page instantly by just dragging items onto the template of your choice.

Cabanova offers hundreds of great templates, with over a dozen of them designed specifically for real estate agencies and independent realtors. All templates are responsive, so your clients can browse through your offer on any device, regardless of the screen size. This can also come in handy for you as an agent. If you take your clients to take a look at a property and they don’t like it, you can show them other options on the spot and let great photos and descriptions from your website do the convincing for you.

Google Analytics is there to help you with building your strategy. By knowing which properties were most frequently viewed and what kind of audience viewed them (analytics lets you know their age, gender, location, and other details), you can understand your clients’ preferences better and know which property they are most likely to rent or purchase. Cabanova allows you to display your offer in numerous ways. You can add a list of properties and highlight the best and latest offers on your landing page, with images, catchy descriptions, and prices all in one place.


Now that we agree that having a website is essential for any real estate business and that using a website builder is the best, cheapest and most convenient way to do it, let’s take a look at some of the factors we considered when we complied our list of the best website builders for real estate. As we said earlier in this article, the whole point of website builders is their remarkable ease of use. A good website builder is not just suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise or skill, but it is also simple and intuitive and can help you create a website in an hour or two. It may sound incredible, but bear in mind that all these builders belong to the category of “drag & drop” editors, meaning you basically build your website like a tower of bricks or a puzzle, simply adding, moving or removing elements around until you reach the desired result.

Your starting point is always a template (unless you want to build a site from scratch and you know how), and good website builders always provide rich galleries with plenty of attractive ones to choose from. Some of them have their templates divided into categories, which almost always include templates for real estate, so you can choose one of them as well. Templates are usually responsive, meaning they do not require any adjustments in order to fit a smaller device screen. Even the ones that are not responsive by default can usually be adjusted in no time using mobile editors that come with the website builder.

Website builders allow you to customize your site any way you like. You choose a template, sure, but you can change so much about it – from the order of elements, headers, footers, banners, scrolls and buttons, to layout, color scheme and even fonts.

Now, one of the things that separates the best website builders from the more basic ones is the number of features they offer. As a real estate business or a broker, you’re number one concern is showcasing the property you are working with. For this, you will need a builder that allows you to upload plenty of hi-res images and that offers several tools for displaying them, from attractive and customizable photo galleries to slide shows. Many of them allow you to upload videos as well, and some come with unlimited storage, meaning you can upload and store as many pictures and videos as you like, even HQ ones.

A good website builder will also come with all the features that are required for promoting your business, from marketing tools to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will boost your rankings on search engines. Additionally, you can link your website to your already existing social media pages using quick links, like buttons, comment sections and feed.

You will also need things like newsletters, contact forms and other tools where you will keep track of your leads. Some website builders also offer local listing tools that put your business on the local real estate map and thus increase your visibility. Auctions and open houses can be easily advertised using tools like event manager, and there are plenty of other features that will surely come in handy.

These website builders offer everything you might need in order to create a successful, functional and professional-looking real estate website. They are easy to use and they are definitely affordable, and in most cases come with superb customer support, in case you have any difficulty using them, which we doubt.