Best Site Builders For Teachers

September 9, 2016

If you are a teacher or a private tutor, you are probably looking for different ways to improve the quality of your services and perhaps get more students. This is particularly true for tutors, who, if that is their only source of income, are constantly trying to get more students and increase income. One of the best ways to do so is to create your own website, where you will not only advertise your tutoring and teaching services and your qualities as an educator, but also work more closely with your students and their families. Keeping communication with your students strong and active is crucial for getting the best results out of your lessons, and, like we said, that is just one of the reasons why you, as a teacher or tutor, should definitely consider creating a website for yourself.

However, you are probably worried that making a website would be too much work, too expensive or simply impossible, considering you do not possess any of the required technical skills. This is absolutely wrong, because there is, in fact, an affordable, easy and fun way to create a website all by yourself – with a website builder.  With their moderate prices and great ease of use, website builders have become increasingly popular in the recent years and there are many of them on the market. Of course, not all of them are equally good, which is why we decided to help you pick one and created this list of the best website builders for teachers at the moment. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The website builder sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every website builder or website builder offer available. Close


As you can see, there are many excellent website builders that you, as a teacher or a tutor, can use to make your own website. We used a number of different criteria when we created our list but the most important factor was whether a particular website builder will provide you with everything you need to improve and promote your teaching services. Thanks to our experts who have carefully researched the website builder market, keeping in mind your particular needs, you can rest assured that, whichever of these you pick, you will get a trustworthy, user-friendly, reliable and affordable website builder that will help you get the website you deserve. You can even try some of them for free and see how they work for you.

Editors Choice

Wix Review

wix homepage

If you are a teacher giving private lessons, or a tutor, regardless of your field, you definitely need a website. Wix is a great way to create one by yourself, for yourself, boost your business and your revenue and get more students. Some people think they need to hire a designer or a developer in order to make a website. With website builders like Wix, you can do it all by yourself, and you will get a website that will make your teaching business more professional.

Wix is a drag&drop website builder. This means that all you need to do is pick one of the many beautiful, responsive templates and then drag and drop items (text, pictures, buttons, tabs, scrolls, contact forms) into it. Everything is easy to customize, and if you get stuck, you can consult the Help Center or seek direct support via a 24/7 ticket system.

Wix is more than just a plain website builder. It also helps you boost your teaching and tutoring business, by providing handy SEO and marketing tools and many other features that will make your job easier and increase the number of your clients and students. You can add customer reviews, list your business hours, accept various forms of online payment, and more. Wix also helps you organize and manage your contacts and subscriptions and integrates your website with your social media profiles. Since Wix allows unlimited pages, you can set one to be your CV page. In addition, you can book your classes online, using a contact form or the booking app.


Strikingly Review

strikingly hompage

With Strikingly, you do not have to be tech savvy to create a website that will wow your students. Make use of the extremely user-friendly editor and attractive templates and convince the kids you are just as cool as they are. Your website can be ready in minutes since all you have to do is drag and drop the items you wish to have on your site.

The templates feature modern, attractive design, with long scrolling pages consisting of sections you can fill with all kinds of useful information, images, videos, and fun teaching material. Uploading document files for your students to download is easy and you can upload up to 100 MB in total (maximum 10 MB per file). The templates are all fully responsive and display well across devices, which means that your students can easily browse through your site on their mobile phones. You can add up to 15 pages to your site.

If you want to use Google Forms, you can create quizzes and surveys and let your students easily fill out a test online. You can also add a blog and fill it with interesting facts about topics they are currently learning about. You can, of course, create a page with your CV, list the relevant information about your skills and qualifications, and add all the reasons why it is great to have you as a teacher. Make it easy for your students to contact you by adding a contact form so they can ask you questions directly through your site. You can also add your contact information including your email address, location, and phone number.


WebsiteBuilder Review

website builder homepage

There are several factors that make a good choice for teachers and tutors who want to get more students and improve their services. As a teacher, you can use a website for many purposes, and advertising your services is just one of them. With you can create a great-looking, professional website all by yourself, for yourself, and you can use it any way you like. As a teacher, you will want to promote some materials you are using, which you can do either in a blog, or, better yet, by dedicating a separate page to it.

There is a form builder you can use to create contact forms so that students can contact you and learn about your services, and you can also add a map of your teaching location. offers free hosting, and, depending on your plan, a free custom domain name as well. You can pick among hundreds of templates, some of which are truly exceptional, and, of course, in addition to uploading your content, you can customize some of the elements and make your website really stand out. The templates have to be adjusted a little bit in order to be completely mobile-friendly. This can be done using the mobile editor that comes with this builder.

As for the features, you can count on some SEO tools that will help you get better ranking on the top search engines, as well as analytics and social media integration tools for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. There is an image library that you can use and it contains over one hundred stock photos. Of course, you can always upload your own photos and organize them into galleries, if you like.


IM Creator Review

imcreator homepage

Teachers and private tutors looking for a fast and easy solution for creating a website should definitely check out IM Creator and its latest online website builder called XPRS, one of the best online editors on the market right now and a very popular one. XPRS is an easy to use, intuitive website builder that does not require any programming or design skills at all.

All you need to do is sign up, pick a plan, pick one of the hundreds of absolutely stunning templates and start playing with it. You add or remove sections, move them around, add buttons, scrolls, bars and forms, change color schemes, even the background, and you got yourself a beautiful, professional website. All XPRS themes are mobile-responsive, which means you don’t have to resize your website to fit different mobile device screens. They are also completely ad-free.

In addition to details about your teaching and tutoring services, you can add images (your own, or some of the IM Creator’s stock photos), galleries, videos and more. You can add a map so your students can find you easily, and, of course you can and should build a contact form through which your students can reach you. XPRS is highly customizable and (with paid plans) comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage. There are some useful features you can use to promote your services as a teacher or tutor, such as SEO tools that boost your search engine ranking, as well as social media integration. If you get stuck or have a question, the support center has a large knowledgebase with FAQs and How-Tos, and offers e-mail support for all users.


Webs Review


As one of the oldest website builders around and over 55 million websites built, Webs is a company that knows very well what their customers need, and this is true for teachers too. Any teacher or tutor interested in making a website should definitely consider this simple and affordable website builder.

Webs is a drag&drop builder and, as such, it works the same way as other builders – it allows you to build your own website by dragging and dropping various elements into a desired place. Before you start editing your website, you should pick a template that represents you and what you do the best. Webs has a great gallery of templates you can use, especially the premium ones, which have a very professional and contemporary feel to them. You will decide for yourself what kind of content you want to add to your website, but in case you want to put some pictures, there are some excellent photo galleries you can use, and you can also upload videos.

Another interesting feature is the Local Listings, which allows you to list your services in your area, which should definitely help you get more students. You can also add a blog, where you can tell a little more about your teaching techniques and the materials you are working with and a forum where your students can get together and discuss common subjects. Webs offers built—in site analytics, as well as SEO tools.


One of the main concerns for all of those who have never used a website builder before is the level of expertise one should possess in order to use them. This is probably the number one factor that deters people from creating their own website, and it is understandable. After all, it is usually programmers and web designers who build websites, right? How can you, a simple teacher or tutor, do that when you don’t even know how websites work?

Well, fortunately, you don’t have to know anything at all about websites. Basic computer literacy will do just fine, because the whole point of website builders is that, in a way, they do all the work for you, following your instructions. With website builders, it’s all about WYSIWYG, which stands for “What You See Is What You Get.” But what does this mean? Well, most website builders are drag & drop editors that work by allowing you to place sections, elements and content in desired places on your website. Every change you make shows you the way your final product is going to be. Unlike coding, where there are strings of numbers and letters and no visual representation of what they stand for, with website builders you can always see exactly how your website is going to look like. This is very easy to do thanks to user-friendly interfaces that all the best website builders have.

Another important aspect is the template you will use for your website. Unless you know how to make one from scratch, you will have to use a pre-made template that will be offered in the theme library of your builder. With the website builders we picked for you, you can count on some really pretty, contemporary and professional-looking templates that you can later adjust and customize any way you like.

As a teacher or a tutor promoting his or her services, content is of particular importance to you, especially text. This part is entirely up to you and you can put down anything you like. Your content will, in most cases, be optimized for search engines, because we made sure to include website builders that come with powerful marketing and SEO tools.

Feature lists of most of these builders are very extensive and you will find plenty of tools you can use to boost your website and promote your services. We recommend you create a contact form using a form builder (an essential part of every website builder) and a database of your contacts, which you wil then keep up to date with promotional emails and newsletters. We also recommend you keep in touch with your students, current and prospective alike, using some form of direct or indirect communication that you will add to your website, such as live chat, Skype and text message integration, and, of course, forums and message boards.

If you like, you can also keep a blog on your website, preferably as a separate page (speaking of pages, the best website builders often offer unlimited web pages for your site. You can build your blog using the same editor as the website, and you can even use the same template.

Some features, like hosting, domain name, email, pages, analytics, marketing tools and, preferably, unlimited storage and bandwidth, are considered essential for any website builder. However, always keep your eyes open for additional features, from galleries and slideshows, custom slider, icon and button builders, video and audio players, to social media integration, image editors, image libraries, and so on. Finally, pick a website builder that comes with various forms of help and support, from knowledge bases to live chat, e-mail and ticket support.