We have been bringing you reviews of the finest website builders for some time now and we are always happy when we can introduce yet another great company to our mix. The website builder we will be reviewing today is BuildYourSite, which has been with us for more than 10 years and whose owners previously offered SEO services. The company is 100 percent U.S.-based and they boast more than 12,000 customers, mostly commercial ones.

Ease of Use and Features

The first couple of things that we will be covering in our BuildYourSite review is the ease of use and features that their platform offers.

One of the essential things about any website builder is how easy it is to use. After all, that is why you chose to go with a website builder in the first place. With BuildYourSite, it couldn’t get any easier. First, you choose one of the hundreds of web design templates that they have on offer (they updated their database recently) and then you use a point and click editor to modify the template to better suit our needs. Moreover, the mobile version of the website will automatically adjust, depending on what you are doing with the desktop version of the website.

BuildYourSite also allows you to create web forms easily, as well as add the forum and blogging features without the need for third-party solutions. Image galleries, video and audio content can also be added easily. In addition to this, the people from BuildYourSite are always working on new apps that you can add to your website, once again, using the simple point and click platform.

Of course, if you have experience in coding, you can always add your custom CSS and HTML code. Moreover, the people from the customer support are always there to help you if you decide to go this route.

Our BuildYourSite review unearthed a whole range of additional features that you can get if you wish. For example, you can integrate all of your social media accounts with your new site, introduce an e-commerce aspect to your website, as well as everything that comes with it. When we are talking business website builders, BuildYourSite really has most of your needs covered.

Interface and Design Flexibility

Before we started doing our BuildYourSite review, we read a whole bunch of older reviews and they were all done before the big revamping this service has gone through, streamlining their interface and adding new, much more modern designs than those they featured in the past. At the moment, the number of design templates is somewhat limited due to this, but they are constantly adding new designs and doing tweaks to their interface.

Even at the moment, the combination of a very simple and versatile point and click interface with the ability to add custom code makes for a very powerful website building tool.


Support and Tutorials

When it comes to support and the availability of tutorials to help you make your vision come true, the people from BuildYourSite have really outdone themselves. The fact that they are completely U.S.-based means that their support team is too and this shows. It is much easier to talk to support staff whose first language is English and who are not just looking to transfer you to someone else.

They also feature a whole lot of how-to videos that are aimed at helping their customers build their websites and get the hang of web hosting.


BuildYourSite comes with four different pricing plans – Started, Professional, Ecommerce and Business Max which you can sign up for on a monthly or a yearly basis. With monthly plans, you can get a website for between $11.95 and $79.95 a month. If you sign a year-long contract, the prices go down, naturally. You should keep in mind that different plans will limit how many pages your website can have.


Bottom Line

After wrapping up our BuildYourSite review, we could all agree that this is a website builder with a ton of potential which does many things very well. We were particularly satisfied with their interface and their customer support. We did not like the limitations on web pages with cheaper plans, though.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Lisa Marlo
    24/7 customer support is the thing! I never did anything close to creating my own website, so I needed help a few times. They responded immediately! Once I got the hang of it, I was surprised how easy it went. I’ll try the social media marketing soon, sounds promising. Also, how-to movies helped me a lot, there are some cool tricks there.


  • Submitted By Evelyn Simons
    My online arts and crafts shop is up and running and the website is just stunning. I used a template featured by the website builder and haven’t regretted it. Everything looks great!


  • Submitted By MichaelDane
    The social media marketing is a great perk, I didn’t know I could do that. The backup cloud is a really good idea, I didn’t see that anywhere else. Also, I had some questions for the customer service, they replied within minutes, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a good experience, I know how easy it is to built my own site now.


  • Submitted By AlexKudro
    Facebook Ads made all the difference for my website. SEO is not something I’m good at, and you get it served on a platter with BuildYourSite.


  • Submitted By SimonJerrows
    Managed to build by website in a couple of hours of work, though I didn’t do it all at once. Build your site was the first I stumbled upon, and I came back to it in the end. It has a lot to offer, more than other builders, and the prices aren’t sky high, very important for me.
BuildYourSite Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 9.3/10