Cabanova is a website builder whose motto seems to be “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Although their homepage is updated to an attractive, modern look with a video background and the editor is created in accordance with the new trend of simple, drag and drop editing, the rest of the website, and more importantly, the templates and the interface are pretty traditional, which will probably appeal most to the users who value efficiency and familiarity over a sleek design.


Ease of Use

Creating a website with Cabanova is about as simple as it gets and the interface will look familiar to anyone used to the Windows environment. The sidebar features a simple menu for adding, rearranging or removing pages from your site.

As for the main menu, Cabanova opted for the easily recognizable dropdown format, which is what we are used to seeing in programs from the Microsoft Office package. That means that you will need no time to familiarize yourself with the editor and you can start building your website right away.

The drag and drop feature makes editing and adding elements to pages super easy.  You can also take a look at the mobile version of your website directly from the editor by checking the Mobile Panel option.


Key Features

Basic Features

Cabanova is pretty generous in terms of bandwidth and gives all of its users (even the ones using the free plan) unlimited traffic on their websites. However, the storage is limited and ranges from mere 50 MB for free users to 10 GB for those subscribed to the priciest Shop plan.

The number of pages is limited to 3 in the Free and Express plans, 20 pages with the Economy plan and the Business and Shop plans offer you an unlimited number of pages.

With Economy, Business and Shop plans, users also get a free custom domain with 50 email addresses. All subscribed users enjoy the benefits of an ad-free experience on their websites.

The editor allows you to easily add different kinds of forms, galleries, media content, polls, search bar and other useful elements in an instant. Some of the templates in Cabanova’s offer also come with sample content, which can be pretty useful when inspiration fails while thinking of your own text that will entice the visitors.

Cabanova themes also feature an interesting throwback – guestbooks. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a guestbook on a website, but it could be tasteful if done well.


For a more eye-catching look to your website, you can choose from a number of what Cabanova calls “effects presets.” These include things like adding shadows and reflections to certain features, adjusting color schemes on your theme, as well as blurring and sharpening.

You can add more life to your pages by embedding various kinds of media content from media content providers and image libraries such as Youtube, Picasa and Flickr and import maps directly from Google Maps.

The currently available version of Cabanova represents the fifth generation of this website builder, which follows the latest tech trends. Also, Cabanova regularly introduces new sitebuilder tools in an effort to provide its users with the best possible experience.


Mobile & Apps

Cabanova lets you create fully mobile-friendly websites, while making sure that your mobile version get good rating from the start. For every website that you create with Cabanova, Google will rate the mobile version as “Excellent,” recommending it to the fast-growing legion of mobile Internet users.

Recently, Cabanova has made its editor fully touchscreen compatible, which means that you can easily edit your website from your smartphone and other handheld devices.


Social Integration

The editor allows you to quickly add social media buttons, badges, widgets, etc. You can add a Facebook Like Button, Like Box, Comments Section, Activity Feed, Facepile and Recommendations Box, insert a Google Plus Button or Badge, or add a Twitter Button or Profile Widget. Google Plus buttons are customizable in terms of size.

SEO Tools

Cabanova allows you to add page metadata to improve your search engine visibility. Directly from your editor, you can add the page title, write a short description and add keywords. You can also enter alt text for your images – descriptions that help search engines identify the content of the image.

As far as external SEO tools are concerned, Cabanova enables you to use 4 of the most frequently used tools: Google Analytics for advanced stats information, Google Webmaster Tools for comprehensive reports about your site’s visibility on Google, adding Google Sitemap in order to ensure Google finds all pages on your website and using robots.txt to let search engines know which pages you don’t want to be indexed.


Cabanova does not offer built-in analytics. However, as mentioned above, it does allow you to use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Although a lack of internal analytics may sound disappointing at first, you can definitely find out everything you want to know about the traffic on your site and get pertinent information about your audience using these two free Google services.


With Cabanova, you get pretty decent options for building an online store and you can integrate one into a website you already built in minutes. You can showcase up to 10,000 products (with the specialized Shop plan), sort them into categories and sub-categories, easily add product images and descriptions and define shipping and handling fees. There are numerous payment methods available, including PayPal, COD, and bank wire transfer.



Cabanova templates come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the desired level of customization. You can choose between their new templates, templates with full professional content designed to speed up the process of creating content of your own, generic templates that only include tabs and basic layouts and a completely blank template suitable for full customization.

Unlike many other website builders, Cabanova has decided to stick with the traditional look of the templates instead of opting for the long-scrolling format that has become increasingly popular lately.

cabanova-themes3 cabanova-themes2 cabanova-themes


Help & Support

We have to be honest and say that we are not too happy about the way Cabanova handled the search option in their Support Center. If you enter a query that does not match anything in their database, you just get a blank popup screen, which is rather confusing. If you do end up with some results, they will appear in a text-only pop-up with a rather outdated look and by clicking on a heading that seems useful, you will be redirected to a page on their website where the information you required is stored.

On the upside, they do offer good hotline support available to everyone, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm CET, although it is important to note that the calls are not free, but come with standard national or international calling rates. You can also contact support via support tickets.

Cabanova also offers a useful tutorial video to all of its new users, in order to help them understand the process of building sites with them as quickly as possible.


Plans & Pricing

While researching plans for this Cabanova review, we were surprised more than once and in more than one way. Let’s take a look at the plans and prices and explain what we mean by that.

Cabanova offers five plans: Free, Express, Economy, Business, and Shop, with the possibility of subscribing for one, two or five years. If you opt for a two-year subscription, you can save 20%, while a five-year subscription lets you save 30% on Cabanova’s services.

The Express plan is surprising in two ways: it costs only $1.29 per month with the one-year subscription (that is $1.03 or $0.90 if you subscribe for two or five years, respectively). However, it is also surprising that all you get in comparison to the free plan is the absence of Cabanova ads – you do not gain access to any additional features.

The prices for the Economy plan start at $4.13 a month with a five-year subscription and apart from getting ad-free sites, you can also add more pages (up to 20 in comparison to only 3 in the Free and Express plans), get 2 GB of storage instead of just 50 MB available in the previous plan and also receive a free custom domain.

The Business plan starts at $8.33 per month for a 5-year subscription and you get everything included in the Economy plan, plus unlimited number of pages and 5 GB of storage.

Finally, the Shop plan – which starts at $13.93 per month for the 5-year subscription – brings you all the benefits included in the Business plan and includes 10 GB of storage and the possibility to showcase 10,000 items in your online store, in comparison to only 3 products available with other paid plans.

As you can see, the prices of the plans are quite affordable, but it is a bit surprising that the pricier plans do not come with more advanced features.

  • Easy to use
  • Mobile optimized
  • Standard SEO tools
  • Unlimited traffic on your websites
  • Free domain with subscription


  • Limited set of features
  • No built-in analytics
  • Less than satisfactory knowledge base
  • Few modern templates
  • Lack of marketing tools
  • Limited storage

Cabanova Review Conclusion

Although lacking some advanced features that more experienced users would appreciate, Cabanova is still a pretty good option for anyone who wants to build a fine looking website in little time, without having to invest any particular effort into designing, coding and even coming up with content. You also get unlimited traffic with all plans and pretty decent options for creating an online store with the most expensive plan. They could definitely work on their knowledgebase and its search option and make it easier to find what you are looking for and perhaps add some useful marketing tools, but all in all, if you want a simple website and want it fast, you can count on Cabanova to make it happen.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Jack S on 11/07/2016
    Good thing it’s simple to use, they have the worst support section I’ve ever seen.


  • Submitted By RoboCup7 on 10/15/2016
    Not bad for a basic website, but seriously lacks more advanced tools. Not worth subscribing.


  • Submitted By Wanda Marshall on 10/02/2016
    Simple, quick and affordable, just what I’ve been looking for.


Cabanova Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 8.5/10