Unlike many other drag & drop website builders that bring you ease of use at the expense of control, Duda gives you a lot of room for customization. It is designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for both first-timers and professionals who build websites for a living. Want to know how it works? Read on and find out about the numerous advantages of creating websites with Duda.


Ease of Use

Whether you want to build a website for yourself or a client, already have a website that needs a new, fresh and modern look or you are looking for a quick and simple way to create a site from scratch, Duda has made sure you have all you need and more. It lets you build sites that look amazing on all devices or sites especially designed for mobile viewing, no tweaking necessary.

The highly intuitive editor leaves no room for confusion and as soon as you start, you can take advantage of the quick walkthrough that introduces you to all of the features and lets you know how to use them. There is no need to add content, images and other files one by one – you can import or upload them all at once, so they are all ready and available to be dragged and dropped in an instant, which saves you quite a lot of time.


Key Features

Basic Features

Duda lets you build websites that are truly your own. You get a free Duda domain with free plans while you can use a personal, custom domain with the paid plans. Duda does not impose any ads for paid users, giving you a clean space to make your website truly unique.

Many website builders use limited bandwidth to compel you to spend more money on a more expensive plan in order to get rid of this problem. We are happy to report that with Duda, this is definitely not the case. All subscribed users enjoy unlimited bandwidth for a worry-free experience.

There are no limitations in respect to the number of websites and pages either. You can create as many websites as you like with one account and add any number of pages by choosing from a dozen of options, including blank pages and adding a page from a URL.

As far as hosting is concerned, Duda provides you with free web hosting for all your sites.


We already mentioned at the beginning of this Duda review that you get a lot of room for customization, so let us explain what we mean by a lot.

If you are into coding and prefer having a higher level of control, as a subscribed user, you get full access to your site’s code.

What you also get is great control over the design of your website. You get to switch between different color pallets, change font style (over 50 styles available), text size and line height, customize buttons, customize the header, change background images and apply background changes  to the entire website or just one row and add an attractive favicon.

You can customize all of the elements on your site and apply device-specific changes, so you get to decide exactly what your website will look like when displayed on any device.

Now, the most exciting part. Recently, Duda introduced an awesome new feature – InSite, which helps you display personalized content to all of your visitors, depending on the day they visit the site, their location, device type, and so on. You can add different popups to your site, which allow you to display special messages to your viewers upon each visit. You can, for instance, welcome them to your site if they are first-timers, notify them about sales and special offers, ask them to sign up for your newsletter if they have been to your website before, display holiday greetings, offer them coupons for your services and let them book a table at your restaurant, or build a unique InSite popup that will be available on your website only.


Mobile & Apps

Duda focuses greatly on mobile experience, which is why they offer you the possibility to create exclusively mobile websites. However, even if you do not make a mobile-specific version of your website, their responsive templates work well across all devices, so you do not have to worry about your website not loading properly.

Social Integration

When it comes to platform integrations, with Duda, you can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc. You can add numerous social network widgets and let your visitors like your Facebook business page and post comments, without leaving your site. You can also integrate a Twitter feed and keep them posted about new events, publish a selection of Yelp reviews and add icons with links to your pages on social media, so visitors can easily find you anywhere on the web.



SEO Tool

Duda offers you plenty of ways to up your SEO game. It automatically creates site maps for your websites, gives you control of meta descriptions and keywords for all pages and lets you customize your URLs to improve your site’s visibility. You can also control page titles.

They have an interesting feature called Vary: user-agent. Basically, Vary: user-agent is tasked with notifying search engines about which content particular visitors should receive depending on the device they are browsing from. Another awesome feature is called robots.txt and it notifies search engines on which pages to index.

If you are switching from an old website, 301 redirects are there to help you make it a smooth transition by redirecting users from the old URL to the new one created with Duda.

Marketing Tools

Duda offers an incredibly wide range of customer conversion widgets. These include click-to-call (allow your customers to reach you in just one click) and click-to-email widgets, maps with detailed directions to your location or locations, the possibility to offer coupons, let customers schedule appointments, add information about your business hours and create all kinds of lists. You can also add a PayPal widget for easier transactions, display your favorite Yelp reviews to show your visitors what other customers like about you, create contact forms, import an existing restaurant menu that will be displayed in a new, attractive format, and – believe it or not – much more.


It is often the case that with easy, drag & drop builders you only get limited site stats and have to rely on services such as Google Analytics to get a deeper insight into the traffic on your website. Although Duda offers the possibility of using Google Analytics as well, we are pretty sure you will not need it, as Duda boasts truly impressive built-in analytics unparalleled by almost any other builder of this kind. Track visits, page views, view full website and individual page stats, as well as the location of your visitors, the device they use to access your site and receive much more detailed information directly from your Duda account.

Bonus Features

Wait, there is more. With every website you build with Duda, you get SSL certificates that you can install in a single click.

If you are happy with the current look of your website but want to do some extra editing, you can also create backups of your sites, so you can return to a previous version whenever you wish.

Once you have built a site you are particularly proud of, you can save time on creating new ones by duplicating your awesome site and using it as a basis for your next project.

All of the images you upload are automatically resized to load perfectly on any device. You can choose images from the library of free stock images, upload them from any URL and once you have created your gallery, you can change the layout and image sliders to make your pictures truly shine.



For Duda users who are interested in creating an online store, we suggest going with the Business + E-Commerce plan designed especially for this purpose. You can opt for one of the two versions, depending on the number of products you wish to showcase. You can either select the 100 Product Store or 2500 Product Store. With more than 30 payment providers, handy tools for managing orders and customers, the possibility to create an unlimited number of product categories, as well as inventory tracking, social networking tools, and many other useful features, Duda is a great and affordable choice for store owners looking to make their offer available online.

Along with an impressive set of e-commerce features, Duda offers beautifully designed, modern store templates that are guaranteed to make your products look even more attractive.



Choosing a suitable template with Duda is extremely easy. Their help with making your decision is twofold. First, the templates are divided into categories, such as business, portfolio, restaurant, store, blog or one pager. Second, every one of them bears a title that informs you about the purpose it is best suited for, such as marketing agency, bakery, festival, conference, limo service, life coach, fitness club or nutrition advisor.

There is a wide variety of modern, responsive templates in their offer, so we are sure you will find at least a couple of them that you will love, but in case nothing really fits what you had in mind, you can go with a blank template and build it from scratch.

If you change your mind later, you can always pick a different theme in the editor and all of the changes will apply to your newly selected template.

What we also loved is that while choosing, you get to see what your website would look like on different devices, which is a cool and rather rare option for website builders.


Help & Support

Duda offers great support for its users. Apart from giving a lot of valuable information on the Self-Help Center page, where you can find answers you need on your own, it also offers customer support via support ticket. If you are having trouble with anything, there are a bunch of support guides and videos they created in order to guide you through the entire building process.

Duda also hosts webinars where you can learn all about the latest product updates, novelties in the industry and other related topics. After the webinar is over, it is posted online, so you do not have to worry about remembering everything.


Plans & Pricing

The plans Duda offers are comparatively affordable and well designed to suit the specific needs of their users. Depending on whether you wish to build a responsive website, mobile-only website, create an online store, or even make websites for a living, Duda offers a different set of options at varying prices.

If you are interested in making responsive websites, you can opt for the Business+ plan ($14.25 per month for yearly subscription or $19 for monthly subscription) or Business + E-Commerce plan ($22.50 monthly with the annual plan or $29 for the month-to-month plan), with the latter offering you the added possibility of building a large online store with full set of features.

For users interested in building mobile-only websites, Duda offers a Premium plan at $7.20 per month for annual plan or $9.99 for monthly subscriptions.

Resellers who opt for Duda get the possibility to enter the special reseller program for $249 a year and gain access to superior, high-powered tools, as well as large discounts on all Duda websites.

Before making a purchase, be sure to try out the free version and get a glimpse of what Duda has to offer. This is possibly the best way to make sure you are making a smart decision by subscribing to Duda.

  • Easy, drag and drop editor
  • Responsive templates
  • Good SEO and marketing tools
  • Great customization options
  • Extraordinary built-in analytics
  • Good support
  • Innovative InSite feature
  • Plenty of platform integration options


  • Live chat and phone support for resellers only

Duda Review Conclusion

Duda is one of the rare drag and drop website builders that are equally well suited for beginners and professionals. It offers great customization options and advanced features that are of interest to experts while allowing the inexperienced users to skip customization altogether and build a perfectly functional website in minutes. It offers great support, incredibly detailed site stats and numerous useful marketing and SEO tools. All of these features, joined with unlimited bandwidth, free hosting and affordable prices, make this website builder seem like a perfect option.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Chris on 10/17/2018
    Great software, but a bit limited in what you can do feature-wise unless you understand how to use their API.
    Not very fond of their tech support either, not very knowledgeable.



  • Submitted By technerd87 on 11/22/2016

    Recently switched to Duda, no regrets so far. Kudos on the InSite feature.



  • Submitted By Molly Major on 11/04/2016
    Great templates and really easy to use. You don’t get much for free, though.



  • Submitted By CharlieTheGreat on 08/13/2016
    Honestly, one of the best drag&drop builders I’ve used.



  • Submitted By George Forester on 03/05/2016
    Don’t get why everyone is recommending this builder, seems rather basic to me.


Duda Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 9.9/10