When you want to build a website, there’s a number of factors you have to take into consideration, which makes the entire process pretty overwhelming. Some of these factors include choosing a domain name, the right hosting provider, design, fonts… what to do, where to go? Of course, there are plenty of companies that offer web hosting, but far fewer that offer both hosting and website building like eHost. eHost is an online company that helps its clients easily build and produce the websites of their choice with their website builder application. They are part of Endurance International Group Inc. that works with both individuals and businesses (as well as NGOs and other entities) to provide site hosting and management solutions.

Ease of Use and Features

eHost’s site builder is quite easy to use: it’s based on the “drag and drop” principle, so beginners don’t have to know anything about coding. There are plenty of templates to choose from (from elegant and trendy to business-like and online stores). Another nice feature is the Blog Setup Wizard which comes in handy if you just want to make your own blog.

eHost offers four major core features: an unlimited amount of storage space (that way, there is no interference or downtime), unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited MySQL databases. These features play key roles when you want to run other applications that fall into your specific category.  It’s important to notice that eHost’s sites are also mobile friendly, meaning that your site will be displayed perfectly on tablets, phones, desktops, and laptops. eHost has been among the best website builders that you can use to create a site since day one.

Interface and Design Flexibility

The interface is simple but powerful, allowing you to utilize the impressive options that eHost provides without being confused or overwhelmed. Using Design Suite that offers drag and drop options, thousands of templates, blog tools, an online store, photo galleries and webmaster tools will guide you through the easy to use interface where you can start designing your website, giving you the ability to choose artistic fonts, styles and colors while customizing every specific image.

It’s nice to know that eHost is completely flexible; you can customize your site with different fonts, images, text boxes, or change them completely with a user friendly interface. Replace the images that you don’t like, change the font color to something that really sticks out or change the style completely – you can do all of this with only a couple of clicks; not to mention things like custom CSS and other benefits. eHost has even more to offer when it comes to flexibility by providing you access to Google Adwords, Just Cloud, Yahoo/ Bing, WordPress Blog Tools, B2Evolution CMS Tools and cPanel at no extra cost.



Support and Tutorials

Apart from the helpdesk, online chat, e-mail and phone support, there are plenty of articles on eHost which explain different processes and procedures taking place on your website. The most important ones include FTP access and changing the DNS (domain name servers) servers, which puts eHost in the professional league – FTP (file transfer protocol) access explained is not something you will find on the average site builder. The articles also cover topics like Google AdWords, FTP clients, site upload and so on. All that, paired with 24/7 tech support, is more than enough for both basic and advanced users who demand quality.


The basic price of eHost is €2.75 per month, but there is a catch: the client gets some money in the so-called freebies, grouped as Design Suite (€100 value, includes thousands of templates, blog options, online store, etc.), Marketing Suite (€300 value, Google AdWords, Bing credits, analytics software, site authentication, SEO tools) and Support Suite (€50 value, excellent support options and tutorials). All three groups of benefits are free to use if you’re a paying customer – and the price can be even lower with additional discounts, usually given for longer hosting periods.


Bottom Line

In the closing words of this eHost review, we would just like to say the following – this website building software offers powerful but flexible service, allowing you not only to build a website but to promote it on the web. The templates, support and additional tech options make it an excellent choice for both hosting and website building from scratch.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By JasonBarley
    There are A LOT of templates here, it was very difficult to choose. Everthing else runs nicely, including the email address, which I thougt will be buggy. An free domain name is another big plus!


  • Submitted By Nik Steele
    You bought me with the 45 day money back guarantee. The apps are great, I started my blog here, because I wanted to get serious.  Those free ads you get are adoing their job, I had benefit from them.  Simple to use and affordable, all that I needed.


  • Submitted By JessicaLarson
    Customer service support is so nice, they replied quickly even though I asked many questions, they were always more than happy to help. Analytics also helped, because I needed insight of what I should do. All in all, these guys get an A from me.


  • Submitted By AmberCoombs
    I navigated my way through website building so easily. Photo gallery was super easy to set up, and the price is amazing! Nothing much to add here, keep up the good work!


  • Submitted By Sheila
    Free domain and email address were the things that lured me in. I stayed because I saw how breezy designing can be, even for a novice like me. Also, I appreciate the seo tips, they helped me a lot! Nice touch with marketing tools, another thing I will use very much. Good experience is all that I can say from using this website.


  • Submitted By JohnathanAnderson
    Made my online shop couple of days ago! Everything runs smoothly for now, looking forward my first customer! I loved the templates and how wasily everything is set up.
eHost Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 9.6/10