IM Creator is a popular website builder that has recently introduced an even simpler, more user-friendly and more contemporary editor called XPRS, which uses their own invention called stripes and polydoms. They still offer their classic drag&drop builder, but XPRS is decisively better, since it comes with more features and options and it is completely responsive.


IM Creator is free, but they do offer premium plans. XPRS is ideal for just about anyone who wants to start a personal website, a blog, portfolio site, or a website for their business, regardless of their field.

IM Creator promises to help you get your website up and running in less than a day and considering the high functionality and intuitive quality of this editor, it is probably not an empty promise. IM Creator boasts over 11 million websites and you can even check some of them out through their website.

Ease of Use                                                                                                      

When you first encounter IM Creator’s editor, called XPRS, you might freak out a bit because it looks somewhat futuristic and hi-tech. Next, you see words “polydoms” and “stripes” and you get even more confused. But after you actually start using XPRS, you will see it’s not that much different from traditional drag & drop website builders. XPRS basically works like Lego or other building toys. Each section of your website is one block, and you simply stack, arrange and rearrange them together.

It might take you a while to get the knack of this website builder. Play around with it for a while, and you will soon start putting things together at a faster rate. There is a wide selection of sections you can choose and you can add or delete them as you like, but you can’t actually move them by hand, which is the main action in drag & drop website builders. Icons and buttons can get a bit confusing, especially since they don’t come with a direct and clear explanation. XPRS is not cluttered, but it could definitely be more intuitive. Still, as we already mentioned in this IM Creator review, once you get some practice, everything will move faster.

Key Features

Basic Features

IM Creator claims to offer unlimited hosting to all their users, regardless of the plan, however if you look carefully, you will see that free accounts only get up to 50MB of storage space. Premium plans come with unlimited hosting and bandwidth, as well as some other perks. You can create a one-pager, but if you decide you want multiple pages, you can have as many as you like, as those are unlimited too. If you have your own domain, you can connect it to the website you created using XPRS, free of charge. In addition, all XPRS-made websites, regardless of the plan, are ads-free. Many website builders put their own ads on the free websites, but not IM Creator, so this is definitely another major bonus.



When it comes to customization, XPRS definitely excels. They offer some interesting design tools, such as mouse-over, entrance and scrolling effects that make your website look fancy and modern. There is a ton of free icons and fonts you can use, and there is a lot you can do with your images as well, from color and opacity, to animation and effects. Color schemes, layout changes, margins and paddings, additional elements – all this is highly customizable. If you don’t like the way elements are distributed in sections, you can rearrange those too, although, as we mentioned earlier in our IM Creator review, it may take you a while to figure out how to do it.


Mobile & Apps

All websites created using IM Creator XPRS are fully responsive, meaning they will adapt no matter what device they are viewed on. In fact, the IM Creator website states the sites created with XPRS can even be viewed using Google Glass and smart watches, which is definitely innovative and unusual for the website builder market.

IM Creator also recently added a new XPRS app which allows you to edit your website from your mobile device.


Social Integration

XPRS includes social integration, meaning you can connect your website to your social media profiles. You can even customize the social media buttons to fit the style of your website.

SEO Tools

IM Creator promises to take care of all your SEO needs in order to make your website more visible in all major search engines. This is important because SEO helps you get more clicks and more traffic and basically boosts your online presence.


If you intend to use your website to sell your product or services, you will need an online store, and IM Creator XPRS takes care of that for you. Bear in mind, though, that XPRS doesn’t have it’s own online store and instead uses ShopRocket, which is a third-party shopping cart for ecommerce. Now, if having an online store is just a bonus on your website or if selling items is not the main reason why you want to make your own website, this will probably do. ShopRocket integration comes with analytics and management console, full and secure credit card checkout and other tools you need to successfully run a simple online store.


Templates are probably the strongest selling point of this website builder. IM Creator XPRS seems to be particularly intent on offering beautiful, contemporary and professional-looking themes for various types of websites. There are themes for musicians, photographers, restaurants, architects, law companies, restaurants, wedding websites, personal blogs, portfolios and many more. XPRS works with some excellent designers and clearly follows the latest trends in web and graphic design. Many templates come with animation effects and some other advanced design elements that are meant to impress the visitor. Of course, if you prefer to keep things minimalistic and simple, you can do that too, as there are some stripped-down, contemporary-looking themes for those who prefer uncluttered, airy websites.

As we already mentioned in this IM Creator review, all XPRS templates are mobile-responsive and scalable – you can create a single page or a website with hundreds of pages. It is entirely up to you.


Help & Support

The IM XPRS support center includes Guides, FAQs and How Tos, however, we have to say it is definitely not the most impressive support center we’ve seen. You can browse the issues and perhaps find a solution for your problem, or you can use the search bar. The answers are short and concise, often illustrated with screenshots for better comprehension, however we feel like this section could be richer. As for direct support, unfortunately there is no live chat or phone support, just e-mail support system. Premium users are promised a reply within 1 to 12 hours, while for the free users the response time is between 48 and 72 hours.

Plans & Pricing

Like we said before, IM Creator offers XPRS for free, and there are premium plans as well. With a free plan, you get up to 50MB hosting and a URL that looks like You have full access to all templates, tools, and support.

It is important to note that IM Creator does something rather unusual in the website builder business – they offer premium plans for free to students, non-profits and artists. All you need to do is provide some sort of evidence you fall into one of these categories.

The Premium account, which costs $6 per month is meant for commercial use, includes premium support, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting, and up to 10 customized email addresses while the Pro account, or Unlimited Licenses and Whitelabel account, comes with a reseller control panel and unlimited licenses for all clients. The Pro account costs $350 per year.

  • Innovative XPRS website builder
  • Designer-made themes
  • Free premium plans for artists, students and non-profits


  • Lacks bonus features
  • No marketing tools
  • No live chat or phone support
  • Takes some getting used to

IM Creator Review Conclusion

IM Creator has one strong side, and that’s design. Their templates are truly gorgeous. And you can’t deny their spirit of innovation, with the XPRS that goes beyond the traditional website builder. However, it is obvious from this IM Creator review that there is still much room for improvement. The website builder could be more intuitive and easier to use and it doesn’t have certain features that are considered standard in this line of business. Still, it’s great they offer premium-grade free accounts to artists and students, and ads-free websites are also a nice touch.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Jeannie Robertson on 11/24/2016
    I switched to XPRS from classic d&d builder out of curiosity. I almost quit, seeing how complicated it seemed at first. But it only took me a few hours to master the new editor and I have to say I find it superior to any other traditional builder, especially the design.


  • Submitted By MattLA on 08/09/2016
    This is an okay website builder that could use some improvement. For example, I sometimes spend ridiculous amoutns of time trying to figure out some pretty basic stuff, like adding buttons and links. What gives, IMcreator? But I stick with them cuz their themes are superb.


IM Creator Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 9.1/10