Strikingly might not be the most popular website builder out there, but it is certainly worthy of your attention for two highly important reasons – it is astonishingly easy to use and offers some of the best designed templates we have encountered so far.


With Strikingly, it does not matter if you are an absolute beginner and do not have a lot of time or any money to invest. You can build your own, unique site for free, easily and quickly, and once your ambitions and success start to grow, your website will follow, as you can go pro at any time and make use of all the amazing features in the offer that will make your website truly striking.

Ease of Use

If you are new to website building and have no experience whatsoever, just an idea, Strikingly is the product for you. It was designed to enable anyone to create an eye-catching website in little time, without needing any prior knowledge. All you need to do to use the drag and drop editor is pick a theme, which will take you to the builder where all the elements of the website will already be placed right where they should be. All you need to do is choose the sections you wish to have, drag and drop some cool items to your page, and you are good to go.


Key Features

Basic Features

With the free version, you get to create a unique URL. If you opt for the Pro or Limited version, you can connect a custom domain.  Customers who opt for yearly subscription get a new domain free of charge.

As far as the bandwidth is concerned, you get 5 GB for free. With limited subscription you get up to 50 GB of bandwidth each month, and for an absolutely carefree experience, you can choose the Pro option and get unlimited bandwidth. Note that if you exceed your bandwidth in the free and limited versions, you receive a traffic alert, but your website remains visible.

When building your website at Strikingly for free, you get one page with multiple sections to showcase everything you had in mind. If you need more space, you can subscribe and get up to 10 pages on one website.

You can also add Google Forms to your site if you want to create content such as surveys, mailing lists and order forms and more.


One of the options available to pro users is managing custom codes. You can add them in the HTML section, header or footer.

In the HTML section, you can embed applications and you are not exclusively limited to the ones available in the Strikingly App Store. You can add any app, provided that you have the adequate HTML embed code.

The header can be used for adding style codes, tracking codes and more. If you want to make the most of custom codes and get some helpful advice, you can take a look at the Strikingly Tips. However, keep in mind that the tips offered are for advanced users.

Finally, the footer is where you can place your JavaScript embeds and it can also be used for adding a live chat to your website.

Mobile & Apps

One of the features Strikingly takes great pride in is the responsiveness of their templates. Every one of them is designed to look amazing on any device. That means that you do not have to worry about adjusting your website to mobile view – with Strikingly, it happens automatically, without any need for your input.

Adding mobile action buttons to your website is a great way to make it super easy for the visitors to contact and find you. When you activate them, you enable your visitors to call, e-mail or locate you on a map from their mobile devices in just one click. They can also navigate to your site’s home pare, blog or store.

Having in mind the busy lifestyles of their users, Strikingly has built an app for iOS to help you keep track of activities on your websites while you are on the move. With this app, you can take a look at the statistics and new form responses from your websites, check out the traffic reports and have the new Today Widget bring the stats straight into your notification center.


Social Integration

If you want to keep your visitors posted about your activities on social networks and provide them with new content, Strikingly offers you the great Social Feed section. You can connect your social network accounts to your website and your latest posts will be displayed in this section.

Marketing Tools

For pro users, Strikingly offers the possibility to add Facebook Pixels to their websites. This is a useful tool for managing the ad campaigns you launch, making sure you are targeting just the right audience – it helps you reach more people who might be interested in what you are offering.
Strikingly also enables you to use Google Adwords conversion tracking on your forms, so you can know when a conversion occurs (whether they purchased an item, contacted you, signed up for your newsletter and the like), which is a great way to measure the success of your campaign.


For all of your websites, Strikingly offers built-in analytics. However, if you would like to have a more detailed insight into your website stats and know whether the viewers are new or they have visited your website before, get information about their location and the time they spent browsing through your site, you can use Google’s free service Google Analytics.

While you are setting up analytics for your site, you can also boost your SEO by verifying your site with Google Webmaster Tools, which allows you to add a sitemap. This also allows you to receive important notifications about critical issues and other valuable data directly from Google.


Bonus Features

There are many perks to becoming a pro user and password protection is one of them. If you want to do some tweaking or maintenance, or if you want to have pages that are visible to members only, you can password-protect it.

If managing your websites becomes too much to handle on your own, you can add collaborators, such as editors, admins and bloggers to help you, but keep in mind that you cannot work simultaneously, but may only edit the website one at a time.


Strikingly offers you the possibility to build a Simple Store to sell your products. With the free version, you only get to place one item for sale in your store. If you subscribe, the Limited plan allows you to add 5 items, while the Pro plan gives you the chance to sell as many as 100 products.

Creating an online store with Strikingly has many perks. For one, it does not charge any transaction fees and gives you the possibility to accept all of the most commonly used cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club), as well as Stripe and Paypal. The Strikingly Simple Store also supports various currencies and has been translated to four additional languages (French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese), in order to accommodate the needs of your customers around the world. You also have the opportunity to entice your customers to spend more money in your store and become regulars by offering coupons.




At the moment, Strikingly offers over 200 templates to choose from, which are further divided into categories, to help you easily select the one most suitable for the intended purpose. The categories include Business, Startup, Personal, Portfolio, Blog, Store, Event, and so on. It is also possible to add a store or a blog to each of the templates and if you change your mind or want to try out a different look, you can switch between templates whenever you wish and this change will not affect your website content.

A cool, innovative option offered by Strikingly is the possibility to view an example website for every template from their selection, which is probably the best way to get a sense of what the template is suitable for, what you can do with it and what your website could look like.

The design is probably one of the main reasons why you would choose Strikingly over some of the more popular builders. The templates are modern, yet not sterile, elegant, yet not austere, the color schemes feature soothing colors and sleek, deep shades and their overall look is truly striking, without being over-the-top.


Help & Support

Strikingly has certainly made sure that building a website with them is simple and easy. Still, keeping in mind that once you get started, you may have numerous questions, they have come up with several ways to guide you on your way to your perfect spot on the web.

They have a great help center, with a knowledge base covering all the major topics related to making, editing and maintaining your websites. The knowledge base also includes a troubleshooting guide, information on billing and managing your account, as well as videos that are created to help you get started. Another part of their help center is Idea Forum, where you, as a part of the Strikingly community, can make requests and suggest improvements to help them become even better.

Other ways to reach them are via Contact Us page and via live chat, where you can get prompt answers to all relevant questions.

Be sure to check out their blog as well, as it is chock-full of useful advice on how to make your website a roaring success. It is also a place where you can learn about new, exciting options they introduce all the time and read stories about other members of the Strikingly community.

Plans & Pricing

As we have already mentioned in this Strikingly review, it allows you to build websites free of charge. However, since the free version comes with limitations in respect to bandwidth, the number of pages, the number of products in the Simple Store and does not include numerous features and options available with subscription, you may feel the need to expand and improve your website by opting for their Limited or Pro plan. Great news is that you do not have to subscribe as soon as you feel the need to try out more options. Strikingly allows you to enjoy a free 14-day trial, risk-free, so you can be sure that the plan you chose is the best way to go. Another reason why making use of the free trial is a smart decision is the fact that they do not allow refunds. You can cancel or switch between plans whenever you wish, you can revert to the free version (and automatically lose all of the Pro/Limited features), but you cannot get your money back.

If you choose the Limited plan, apart from being able to make an endless number of free sites like in the free version, you also get to connect to a custom domain, create two sites with all the features reserved for the Limited version, your monthly bandwidth increases to 50 GB and instead of showcasing only one product in your store, you can add 5 items per site.

With the Pro plan, you also get the custom domain option, and apart from publishing an unlimited number of free sites, you can also create three sites with all the pro features Strikingly has to offer. You can add multiple pages to your website, instead of just one, have 100 items in your store and use the Strikingly App Store. You can also add custom codes, mobile action buttons and remove all Strikingly branding from your website. Finally, once you go pro, you can have more people in charge of editing your websites as editors, administrators or bloggers. You also get a chance to add a password in order to make your website private.

Both Limited and Pro plan offer you the possibility to choose between monthly, yearly and two-year subscription. The monthly subscription is the priciest – each month, you pay $12 for Limited and $20 for the Pro plan. With yearly subscription, you are billed annually, with the monthly price for Limited being $8 and $16 for the Pro plan. That means that you can save $48 a year in comparison to the monthly subscription. The most affordable is the two-year plan, where you are billed every two years and the monthly costs are $7 for Limited and $14 for the Pro plan. Unlike the monthly subscription, the yearly and two-year plans also bring you a new domain for free for one and two years, respectively.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Excellent templates
  • Good choice for beginners
  • Great support
  • Mobile responsive templates
  • Free domain with yearly subscription
  • A lot of perks for pro users


  • Few customization options for free users

Strikingly Review Conclusion

Strikingly is an attention-worthy website builder that seems to focus on the needs of people who want great-looking websites and want them now, without much hassle. The free version offers you the possibility to create as many websites as you like, making use of the truly amazing and increasingly numerous templates (they are constantly introducing new ones). What it does not offer is a great deal of control and customization and the monthly bandwidth is rather limited – however, all of these problems disappear once you go pro. If what you want is a simple, attractive and modern website you can create in little time, even if you have no prior experience with website building, you should definitely consider Strikingly as a safe and convenient choice.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Josh Matthews on 11/25/2016
    Took me half an hour to build my website and it actually looks pretty cool. One of the best free builders around.


  • Submitted By Aidan Briggs on 11/02/2016
    I like the templates, but really, couldn’t you add just a few more features to the free version?


  • Submitted By Mark Daniels on 08/11/2016
    If you just want your website to look really good, go with Strikingly. If you want customization options and don’t want to pay, take my advice and go elsewhere.


Strikingly Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 9.2/10