Volusion is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions right now. This online store builder allows you to set up a fully functional store that you can use to sell your products, and it allows you to do so all by yourself, without resorting to web designers and programmers. As such, it is ideal for small businesses or individuals who are only just starting to sell their products and need a quick, easy and affordable solution. Volusion is advertised as an all-in-one solution, meaning it provides everything you need in order to run a successful online store. Volusion promises no transaction fees, ever, beautiful free and premium templates, and integration with some of the best e-commerce companies, such as Amazon and eBay.


Ease of Use

Ease of use is probably the most important quality people look for in an ecommerce editor. The whole point of these editors is to allow you to create a decent, functional online store in an easy, quick and preferably cheap way. Volusion offers some high-quality templates that you can customize any way you want, using the online store builder, but the thing is, it is not the easiest builder to use. Sure, everyone can use it, and it doesn’t require any particular skills or knowledge. But these builders are supposed to be intuitive and very user-friendly, and Volusion’s editor is not the easiest to figure out. It is certainly not very intuitive. Many functions and tools are not where you’d expect them to be, some of them seem to be hidden and you have to engage in an elaborate search to find them. After you have spent some time trying the editor out you will get a grasp of how everything works and things will start moving faster. Still, for the sake of objectivity, we have to say that this builder could definitely be easier to use.

Of course, there are many things Volusion did well when it comes to user experience, otherwise we wouldn’t even be talking about this ecommerce platform. For instance, the editor features a quick start tab from which you can access personalization tools and add products in a quick and efficient manner. There is also a “View live” button at the top, so you can check exactly what your website looks like at any given point. The dashboard is pretty clean and efficient, with a quick overview of some of your stats, such as the best-selling products and categories, as well as trends.

Key Features


One of the first things people notice when they enter an online store is the design. The people over at Volusion are definitely aware of this, which is why they made sure to offer a number of attractive templates for you to choose from. Some of them are free and some you have to buy. Also, some templates are responsive, which means they are made to fit any device. If you opt for a non-responsive template, you can use Volusion Mobile Commerce to create a mobile-optimized version of your site. The Volusion team understands how important it is to have mobile-friendly websites and online stores in this day and age, so you can rest assured your online store will look great and work great on any device.

Volusion offers a choice of different navigation styles that will help your customers get around easily and locate products quickly and effortlessly. You can also add your logo to your online store and add featured products on the hompage.


Shopping Cart

Volusion offers a one-page checkout, which is definitely convenient both for you, the seller, and for your customers. You will benefit from this feature since it minimizes shopping cart abandonment and maximizes conversion, and your customers will be happy they don’t have to go through the hassle of redirection and will instead complete their purchase quickly and efficiently. Another interesting feature is the option of adding custom checkout fields, which we don’t see a lot in ecommerce builders.

Volusion offers SSL certificates too. If you are not sure what this means exactly, let’s just say it’s a security measure that keeps your customers’ transactions safe and secure. This is important not only because you don’t want your customers’ credit card info stolen, but also because it makes your online store appear reliable and trustworthy, which will definitely keep the customers coming back.

Another interesting feature is the so-called Soft Add to Cart feature. This tool allows customers to see the content of the cart without having to leave the page they are currently on. This feature is not compatible with the mobile commerce feature.

When it comes to shipping you can use various methods and rates, from free shipping and flat rates to fixed rates and live rates.

Volusion also offers built-in automatic tax calculator, based on your customers’ state and zip code. This is a handy feature since it takes the guesswork out of taxes and breaks things down easily and conveniently for you and your customers.


Managing Orders

Volusion really did a good job with inventory management features. This is a company that understands that you, as a merchant, want to save up as much time as you can and keep your business efficient and running smoothly without having to actually hire anyone to manage your inventory and orders. With Volusion, you will have access to many useful tools that will keep you from losing your nerves, such as stock count, pricing control, multiple sizes and colors and so on. Whether we are talking about uploading items or creating categories, Volusion has all the tools you need.

In addition, Volusion integrates with several order management partners, such as ShipStation, SellerExpress and SkuVault. If you want (and if you know how), you can also create custom integrations with third-party order management programs of your choice, but in that case Volusion will not be providing any support or assistance.



In case you want to go global, you will be happy to hear that you can set your Volusion online store to display various currency rates.

As for methods of payment, Volusion offers a number payment gateways, as well as its own credit card processing solution, called Volusion Payment, which is rather easy to configure, has no setup fees and use and is protected by top-notch security measures. Payments and orders can be processed through the Volusion mobile commerce app too. You can work with all major credit cards, and, of course, PayPal and Stripe are supported as well.

Marketing and SEO

People often think that SEO is all about throwing in a couple of keywords in your content, but, as people behind Volusion are obviously aware, it is more than that. In order to get good rankings, you also need a user-friendly and search-engine friendly web design, and Volusion promises that all their ecommerce templates meet those requirements. In addition, they offer video SEO, which basically means easily embedding YouTube videos of your products. Next, the XML sitemaps are automatically updated every time you add something new to your website. You can also add user-generated content, meaning user reviews and ratings. This is important because not only it will boost your sales, it will also make the search engines crawl and index this new content, and that’s always beneficial for your online store and its visibility.

Finally, Volusion offers Schema.org integration. We won’t get into technical details about this useful tool, let’s just say that it is definitely a valuable addition that will improve your SEO efforts and boost your traffic and, ultimately, your sales.

Volusion also allows you to sell your products not only through your online store, but also directly on your Facebook page, as well as on Amazon and eBay.

Another way to boost your sales is to offer daily deals and various coupons for discounts and promotions, and Volusion offers tools to make them. There is also a possibility of sending personalized e-mails, as well as newsletters, to your registered shoppers.



In order to run a successful online store, you definitely need some analytics tools that help you keep track of your visitors and their sessions in order to get a better insight and see which aspect of your business needs improvement. Volusion does not offer any bespoke analytics tools but they do offer Google Analytics integration. It will allow you to see how many visitors you have at any given time, along with visitor location and technology info and so on.



As we already mentioned in our Volusion review, this ecommerce builder comes with a nice variety of templates you can use for your storefront. There are builders with more templates out there, and many of them have better quality templates, but if you just want a simple online store that will work well and look nice, these will probably do. Volusion offers some free templates and a number of paid ones. The free ones are mostly decent-looking, some of them are even quite good. Paid templates are, obviously, better, more attractive and with a more contemporary, trendy feel to them. These premium templates go from $50 to $895, which is definitely more expensive than premium themes with other ecommerce platforms.

One thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to Volusion templates is that not all of them are responsive. Responsive templates are those that are already compatible with most mobile devices, meaning they do not require any further customization in order to fit smaller screens.

If you opt for a non-responsive template, you can (and should) use the Volusion Mobile Commerce tool, which includes separate mobile storefront and mobile checkout features. Frankly, it would be better if all the themes, or at least a majority of them, were responsive. As user-friendly as Mobile Commerce editor is, it is still time-consuming.


Help and Support

Volusion Help Center consists of a large knowledgebase with various issues divided into categories for easier navigation, and there is a search bar where you can type your question or issue. The knowledgebase is definitely extensive, but some issues could be covered in a clearer, more comprehensive way, and there are also some issues that are simply not covered. In addition, there are video tutorials that cover all the basic actions and functions, as well as guides.

As for direct support, Volusion offers live chat, support ticket and phone support options. Phone support is available only for those with the Plus plan and up. Pro and Premium plans come with priority support.

Plans and Pricing

Volusion does not offer a free plan, but there is a 14-day trial in case you want to try it out and see if it works for you.

The cheapest plan is Mini, which costs $15 per month and includes 100 products, 1GB bandwidth, and online support. The next plan up is Plus, which costs $35 per month and allows you to sell up to 1,000 products, with 3GB bandwidth, and online and phone support. The Pro plan, which seems to be the most popular one, costs $75 per month, for which you get to sell up to 10,000 products, with 10GB bandwidth, and priority support. Finally, the most expensive plan, Premium, costs $135 per month and comes with unlimited products, 35GB bandwidth, priority support, and a dedicated account manager.

All packages include unlimited file storage, mobile commerce editor, mobile app, Facebook store, and automatic tax rates.

  • No transaction fees
  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited storage
  • Comprehensive set of tools


  • Not the most affordable ecommerce builder
  • Limited selection of responsive templates
  • Expensive premium templates
  • Bandwidth limitations

Volusion Review Conclusion

As you can probably deduct from this Volusion review, there are some things that this ecommerce builder did very well, and others where it could definitely use some improvement. It is up to you to weigh whether the benefits overcome the defects, and in doing so, we recommend you start from what it is exactly you want to do with your store. Even though it is not the easiest ecommerce builder around, Volusion is still manageable and, after you’ve gotten some practice, it is easy to use, whether we are talking about editing or managing your store. There are some attractive features, but we are just not sure whether they justify the price.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Matt Keegan on 11/16/2016
    Volusion is a strange platform. In some things, they do an excellent job. For example, there is always someone online for chat. Never had to wait more than a minute, and the reps were always great. On the other hand, their SEO, which they claim is top notch, is basically worthless. My store never ever reached the first page.


  • Submitted By Gina Malardi on 09/22/2016
    Someone told me Volusion is very easy to use, the editor I mean, so I decided to go with them since at the time they offered a nice discount. I don’t exactly regret my decision, but I find that the editor takes some time to get used to. Fortunately, I was in no hurry and I actually enjoyed figuring how stuff works. I even learned a thing or two along the way.


  • Submitted By Lee “Bird” Mattison on 09/07/2016
    Volusion should be cheaper. It’s okay as a service, everything works fine and when there is a problem, the support guys usually fix it right away. However, it’s really stupid they have bandwidth restrictions and, let me warn you straight away, the fees for overreach are insane.


  • Submitted By Pavel Jehliczka on 05/27/2016
    This ecommerce platform gets a lot of bad rap but it doesn’t deserve most of it. Sure it’s a bit expensive compared to some, but you really do get a lot for that money, especially in support and a great selection of features.


  • Submitted By Jen Park on 01/07/2016
    I have been with Volusion for years with my t-shirt shop. At times, I was so frustrated with them, but overall I’d say it’s a good user experience and I don’t plan on changing the platform just yet.


Volusion Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 8.6/10