With over 22 million users worldwide, Webnode is a rather popular website builder, and for good reason. It is truly simple to use, offers a wide range of attractive templates, great search engine optimization options, the possibility to create a backup and restoring your site – a surprisingly rare  though extremely useful feature in website builders – and much, much more. It is also available for free, though with limited options. Join us for a Webnode tour and find out why it is a good idea to become one of many faithful users of this website builder.


Ease of Use

When the people behind Webnode say that creating a website with them is extremely simple and will take you 5 minutes, believe us, they are not exaggerating. The amazing drag and drop functionality of their editor makes the building process a smooth and comfortable experience for even the most inexperienced users. Everything you wish to place on your website can just be dropped onto the marked spot in the template and it will automatically fit right in, no hassle whatsoever. The editor features some more advanced functions, but no particular customization is necessary to create a fully-functional, professionally looking website, which is why Webnode is praised as a great builder by beginners and experts alike.

Key Features

Basic Features

What comes as an extremely pleasant surprise is that Webnode does not place any annoying ads on your website, which is pretty cool of them, since no one likes a site overcrowded with offers that distract you from the actual content and make the site look all cluttered and click-baity.

With Webnode, you can add all kinds of forms to your site. This is extremely useful, as it lets you create newsletters and events your visitors can sign up for, as well as forms where your customers can make reservations (for restaurants and similar services) – the possibilities are practically limitless. Speaking of endless possibilities, you can make an unlimited number of forms that your visitors can use an unlimited number of times. One form can contain up to 28 items. There is also the option of uploading files using forms, with a limit of 3 MB per file. What is also great is that Webnode has protected you from spam by introducing a Captcha system that prevents any potential misuse of forms.

As far as domains go, apart from offering you the possibility to get a domain directly through Webnode, it also allows you to use your own custom domain. Once you register for one of their Premium packages, you also get a voucher for a free domain for a year.

We are also happy to report that with Webnode, you do not have to worry about storage or bandwidth. The premium accounts come with great storage (up to 5000 MB) and with the Profi plan, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

The number of pages you can add to your website is not limited per say, but certain templates do come with limitations in respect to how many pages can fit the menu. However, there is no need to worry, since you can always add subpages if you find yourself lacking space.



With the new 2.0 version of Webnode that is now available, the customization process is rather simplified and includes the option to add HTML codes to either the header or footer, edit the footer in order to remove the Webnode link, add or change effects, switch between backgrounds or add a picture of your own. This is one of the weaker points of Webnode, as it does offer rather limited customization options. However, we have to admit that it does not affect the overall quality of the websites, which is still pretty great.

Mobile & Apps

A website that does not display properly on a mobile device is, to say the least, one disappointing website. Luckily, Webnode offers templates that are fully mobile-optimized and as soon as you publish your website, it will look perfect on any device, automatically.


SEO Tool

One of the great advantages of Webnode is that it offers great SEO tools for advanced users and amazingly simple and useful SEO tools for beginners. The basic SEO settings, including page title and address, meta description, meta keywords, as well as custom HTML coding are all available in the Pages section of the editor, along with the option to hide a page from search engines while editing. You can also verify your sites with Google Webmaster Tools and employ other, more advanced SEO techniques supported by Webnode. The builder also helps you by automatically generating URLs and sitemaps.


Webnode offers basic statistical data related to the traffic on your website, such as long-term stats history, the number of visitors, number of page views, etc. If what you want is a more detailed stats overview, you can add Google Analytics to your website, which is a free service that gives you information about your audience, such as location, age, gender, time spent browsing, new and recurring visitors and a lot of other, customized data.

Bonus Features

Webnode can also provide you with professional content, which can come in handy if you do not have time to write your own content.

To further spruce up your website, you can add various widgets. You can find all kinds of them on sites like Widgetbox, Widgipedia and Google Gadgets. There is a nearly endless range of widgets available: clocks, calendars, radios, various games – you name it. Just make sure you do not get too excited and add too many of them and risk having your website take forever to load and looking crowded once it finally does.

As we have already mentioned in this Webnode review, you have the possibility to create a backup and recover your website, which is a wonderfully useful option that not many website builders offer and one more reason why going with Webnode is a smart choice.

Finally, manu users will be happy to know that you can also add multiple languages on your website, which is a feature that your visitors around the world will greatly appreciate.



This is one of the options in Webnode’s offer that left us with mixed feelings of both excitement and disappointment. We have mentioned before that Webnode 2.0 is now available, but the problem is that it does not include all the options available in the old version. One of them is the online store.

What we are excited about are the possibilities it offers. 4000MB storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited number of products you can showcase with Profi package, adding up to 100 email addresses, receiving payments through PayPal, the possibility to display your products in different ways, with different colors and sizes, all of this truly had us convinced that Webnode is a great place for creating an e-store.

Now, the disappointing part. The new version does not support online stores, so customers are forced to downgrade to the old version which is a bit outdated and does not really allow for making a modern online store that will grab your customers’ attention. So, for now, until they update this option, we cannot give you an honest recommendation to go with them if making an online store is a primary concern for you.



Webnode spoils their customers when it comes to templates. They have hundreds of them, for various purposes, including business and personal websites and e-stores. You can opt for a more traditional look with side and top menus and tabs or go with a modern template with sections, which is the look that is becoming increasingly popular, due to its focus on large, striking images and minimalistic approach to text content. Another innovative feature that is guaranteed to wow your visitors is the possibility to introduce video backgrounds. You can choose one from their own selection or connect any suitable video from YouTube or Vimeo.


Help & Support

Webnode offers a relatively comprehensive set of answers to the most common questions related to website building, their Premium services, SEO and customization in general. You can also take a look at their useful video tutorial on how to make a website with Webnode. However, while browsing through their knowledge base for the purpose of this Webnode review, we were not always able to find exactly what we were looking for, so if you need more in-depth answers, you will probably have to turn to their customer support on more than one occasion. The good news is that they reply promptly and usually provide you with answers that are clear and to-the-point, so do not hesitate to contact them.

Plans & Pricing

Webnode offers three subscription plans: Personal, Business and E-commerce, with three packages available in each plan: Profi, Standard and Mini. The options available with each of the packages are vastly different: for example, in the Personal and the Business plan, the Profi package comes with 5000 MB storage, which is ten times as much as what you get with the Mini package. The same goes for bandwidth (unlimited in comparison to 3 GB). This is why we suggest that you take a close look at their offer in order to make the best decision for your needs.

Webnode has moderate prices and the monthly costs start at $5.95 for Business and Personal Mini package, $11.95 for Business and Personal Standard package and $19.95 for Business and Personal Profi package. The E-commerce plan is a bit more expensive, starting at $7.95 for Mini, $19.95 for Standard and $39.95 for Profi packages.

Though the prices are reasonable, we are sad to say that Webnode does not offer monthly subscriptions, which means that you have to pay for the whole year at once. However, they do offer refunds within the first 15 days after your order, which means that they will give you back your money if you are unsatisfied with their service.

Webnode Pricing Plans
  • Great SEO tools
  • Mobile-optimized templates
  • Free domain voucher for a year
  • Useful backup and restore options
  • No ads


  • No monthly subscription
  • New version does not support online store
  • Little customization options for advanced users

Webnode Review Conclusion

Webnode is a website builder that has attracted many users thanks to its ease of use and surprisingly numerous templates, both traditional and modern. It is a great choice for people who value good SEO options and want to have the possibility to have a multilingual site, in order to make browsing easy for visitors from all over the globe. We are not too happy about the customization options, since the new version does not offer much space to customize, but we are not disappointed either, since the websites created with Webnode are perfectly functional, look great, and there are certainly a lot of ways to spruce them up, regardless of the absence of some more advanced features. The only major downsides to this website builder are a lack of monthly subscription and the not-fully-updated new version, which leaves you with little options for e-commerce. Nonetheless, even with the abovementioned faults, we are still confident that Webnode has all it takes to keep the great majority of users more than satisfied.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Tara93 on 11/23/2016
    Lol, didn’t know you could make a website this fast. Love the design!


  • Submitted By Josh Adams on 11/01/2016
    Super easy to use, but wouldn’t recommend it for an online store, looks seriously outdated.


  • Submitted By MikeP on 08/14/2016
    It’s true it takes you minutes to make a website, but mainly because you have zero customization options. Cool templates, though.


Webnode Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 9.3/10