The first thing you’re bound to notice about is that they were smart enough to snag a catchy company name that guarantees the site pops right at the top of the search engine results when people look for ways to create a website. This website builder has a growing customer base, mostly thanks to the competitive prices, the fact they offer a free plan, and, more importantly, the great ease of use and intuitive quality of the builder itself. It is a solid service that has some excellent tools, nice templates, and solid customer service. is a good choice for everyone looking to quickly and effortlessly create and manage a website for their personal needs, their blog, their business or any other purpose.


Ease of Use

When we tried out this editor for the purposes of our review, we realized right from the start it is one of the easiest website builders to use. The builder interface is clean and simple, and most choices are located either in the left rail or at the top of the page, and everything else on the page you see is basically a preview of what your website is going to look like. This is very helpful, because sometimes website builders tend to clutter the page with options and you can hardly see what you are editing and what your site is going to look like.

The first thing to do after signing up for is to pick a template. Those are offered right after signup and they are conveniently divided into categories. After you have picked your theme, you can proceed to edit it, add your content (text, multimedia…) and change everything that you feel needs changing in the template. All the basic site elements are there, and they are very easy to change and customize, whether we are talking about adding or removing sections and changing their order, uploading pictures and editing text, or adding apps, widgets, buttons and icons.

All website builders are supposed to be easy to use – that is their main purpose, after all, but some builders, like here, make it particularly easy and even fun to do.

Key Features

Basic Features

All of the plans, including the free one, come with completely free hosting, so you don’t have to worry about that part of your website. You also get a free domain name with the paid plans, which you can pick by yourself, so that your visitors can find your website easily. Bear in mind that if you want your website to be completely free, you will have to use the subdomain.

As for online storage, each plan has a different limit. The free plan comes with 50MB, the Personal plan with 1GB, the Premium with 5GB, the Business with 10GB, and the eCommerce plan with 10GB.

There are no limitations when it comes to the number of pages your website can have. Adding new pages is incredibly easy.

Free websites will feature ads, albeit quite discrete, but should you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, those will be automatically removed.

Free e-mail is offered as well, but only to those subscribing to the upper-tier plans.



As we said earlier in this review, customizing the template you picked is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Of course, more extensive customization might take some time, but all in all, you can get your website up and running within an hour. Most settings are located at the left-hand rail of the page. From there, you can add content like text, pictures, videos, galleries, contact forms, site navigation and so on, and you can manage your pages and sections. You can add a blog, or even an online store, in case you want to sell your products.

Design is very easy to customize as well, whether you want to change the background, or perhaps the color scheme or fonts. You can also customize text style and textures. If you want your website to have buttons, those are fully customizable too, and they can even be animated, so that they bounce in and out of the page, fade or fly in and out, and so on. There is also a section that allows you to add various widgets and apps, and there is social media integration, of course. All these elements can be added, removed and moved around across the site in any way you like.

Mobile and Apps

If you want your visitors to be able to view your website on their hand-held devices, you have to create a mobile site, which is a resized version of your classic website, optimized for viewing on smaller screens. If you are a paid user, you can switch the editor to mobile edit, allowing you to customize your mobile site and make sure it looks and works great on mobile devices. This sounds like a lot of work, but really, it’s not. Classic PC websites created on look pretty decent on most mobile devices, you just have to make a few adjustments in the mobile editor to make it perfect. These adjustments will not take up much of your time and they are just as easy to make as the ones in the PC editor.

Social Integration

Adding social media buttons to your website is a piece of cake. You simply add a button, attach the link to your social media profile and that’s it. You can add as many of these as you like, and it is definitely highly recommended to link all your social media profiles, for maximum visibility.

In addition, has a feature called SocialBooster, which is supposed to, well, boost your website using tools such as Automatic Publishing, Facebook Ad Manager, Social Inbox, Performance Analytics and RSS Content Discovery.

SEO Tools offers SEO tools, which are vital for improving the visibility of your website in the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! And Bing. However, bear in mind that these tools are not included in the free plan and not even in the cheapest paid plan.

Analytics lets you register for a free Google Analytics account and implement it on your website so that you can keep track of your traffic – the number of visitors, new visits, their locations, and so on.

Bonus Features offers pretty much all the basic features you usually find with other website builders, but there are some bonus features, like the image library, that are not that commonly seen. Image library is a handy selection of over 100 images and designs that you can use on your website. They are available to all users and they are particularly convenient if you don’t have enough images of your own to fill your website and make it visually appealing.


Ecommerce allows you to add an online store to your website, but bear in mind that this is a feature reserved only for those subscribing to the plan created especially for ecommerce, which is, coincidentally, also the most expensive plan. does not offer its own online store, and instead works with a third-party ecommerce builder, Ecwid.  You can add the store to your current page, simply by clicking the Ecommerce button, or, alternatively, you can assign a special page just for your store. In any case, you will get a store with a beautiful storefront and all the functions an online store needsshopping cart, secure checkout, catalog, product galleries, you can create discount codes, as well as tax and shipping rules and options. online stores support PayPal and Stripe, two of the most popular online payment methods.

Templates offers over one thousand templates to choose from. Some of those templates are simply amazing, others feel a bit basic. There are all sorts of templates for all sorts of websites, from one-pagers to complex business portfolios, so you will definitely be able to pick one that both looks nice and fits your website’s needs.

Templates are divided into categories (purposes or industries), such as portfolio, design, fashion, beauty, business, construction, architecture, photography, pets, weddings, restaurants, hotels, sports, and so on. Most themes have a contemporary, hip feel to it, and, like we said, some are really fine examples of template design.


Help and Support help center consists of a knowledgebase that can be searched or browsed. The Help page features tech support and billing support, and there are some FAQs too, although not as many as we would like. Answers and explanations are simple, generally helpful, but the overall feel of the help center is that there are some basic things that should definitely be more clearly explained and more readily accessible. As for direct support, you can call the company directly. They have three different contact phones, one for US/Canada, one for the UK and one for Australia. It’s always nice to see a company that is not too US-centric when it comes to support. Alternatively, you can use e-mail support, which is fairly quick and definitely helpful, or you can use live chat window at the bottom of the support page. When we tried the live chat support, we found it to be fairly quick and generally helpful.

All forms of support are available 24/7.

Plans and Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, offers a free plan, which comes with free hosting and allows you to create a basic website. However, compared to other builders with free plans, this one feels a bit too restrictive and could definitely use more features.

The cheapest paid plan is the Personal plan, which costs $7.99 per month and includes free hosting, free domain name, and free ad credits. The Premium plan costs $5.99 per month, and includes all the features from the Personal plan, plus SEO tools and mobile sites while the Business plan, for $6.99 per month, also includes free email and priority support. The most expensive plan is Ecommerce, which is the only plan that includes an online store, and costs $11.99 per month.

  • Effortless customization
  • 1000+ templates
  • Image library
  • 24/7 support


  • Free plan is limited in terms of features
  • No SEO tools in cheaper plans Conclusion is a good solution for anyone interested in setting up a personal or small business website. There are some things that could be done better, but seeing that this website builder keeps growing and improving, we are certain it will fix those issues soon. If you are interested in creating an online store as well, bear in mind that it is only available with one particular plan. The builder itself is very intuitive, and one of the easiest to use we’ve seen in a while. Templates are excellent, and even though they are not automatically 100% responsive, creating a mobile site is quite easy as well. All in all, is a trustworthy, user-friendly and affordable builder that should work just fine for small businesses and personal websites and blogs.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Mitch Karr on 11/09/2016 was the first thing that popped up when I searched for site builders. I thought this must be some kind of scam, but when I learned it was legit I thought why not give it a spin. It’s definitely a good website builder. I find it very simple to use, especially if you have been playing with it for awhile.



  • Submitted By Kylie Sue on 09/22/2016
    This is a pretty decent website builder, that could use some improvements. It would be better if they had their own online store since these integrations sometimes come with bugs and twitches. Free plan is basically worthless. Templates, tho, are pretty good.


WebsiteBuilder Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 9.0/10