If you are looking for an easy, quick and affordable way to create a website for yourself or improve the visibility of your business in the online world, then check out our Webstarts review, where we will try to weigh all the pros and cons of this website builder, so that you can decide whether it fits your needs and preferences.

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According to the founder of Webstarts, he created it in order to help all those who want or need to build a unique website without technical knowledge. Webstarts does just that – it helps you get started in the online world, and it does so in a way that will not frustrate you or take up a lot of your time. As a drag and drop editor, Webstarts is a simple, intuitive builder, with plenty of features and benefits that come with it, and it is quite affordable, not to mention there is a free plan.

Ease of Use

As a drag & drop editor, the Webstarts website builder allows you to create a website by simply picking up and dragging elements around the page and dropping them into a desired position. It is also a website builder that works on the WYSIWYG premise, which stands for “What You See Is What You Get.” This is ideal for users who are absolutely clueless when it comes to web design. The way you arrange and set up your site in the editor is exactly what it is going to look like once it goes live.

Of course, the builder doesn’t do literally everything for you. You first have to decide whether you want to start from scratch or to use one of the templates Webstarts offers. Whatever you decide, you will find that the editor is rather simple and intuitive. All the functions and elements are clearly marked with symbols you probably already recognize.

While you are editing your site, you will have at your disposal a Help button in case you get stuck, so you don’t even have to exit the editor to resolve an issue. In addition, you always have the option of saving your edits, just to be sure, and there is the “View site” button that allows you to check your progress quickly and easily. You can also contact customer support directly from the editor.

Key Features

Basic Features

If you don’t have your domain name, your website address will be a subdomain of Webstarts, and it will look like this: yourwebsitename.webstarts.com. However, if you already have a domain, you can easily connect it to your website, and, in addition, you can create and register a new domain name for the site.

Another great feature is that Webstarts allows you to create unlimited web pages. Some website builders only offer this feature with their more expensive plans, but even the free Webstarts plan comes with unlimited pages.

Additionally, all plans except for the free one are ads-free.

When it comes to storage, you get 1GB per month with the free plan, 5GB with the Pro plan, 10GB with the Pro Plus plan, and 40GB with the Business plan. As for bandwidth, the free plan comes with 1GB per month, the Pro with 25GB, the Pro Plus with 100GB, and the Business plan with unlimited bandwidth.

There is also an excellent form builder, which allows you to create a great-looking and functional contact form, or any other type of form, for that matter.



As we already mentioned in our Webstarts review, the sites created with this builder are very easy to edit and customize. Even if you use a ready-made template, you can always change just about anything about it. You can add your own photos, change the background, the color scheme, font style, and so on. Of course, you can add and remove sections, content blocks, boxes, buttons, icons, galleries, slideshows, forms and everything else a website needs in order to appear professional and functional.

Pro Plus and Business accounts also have the option to add custom HTML code to their website. You can add any HTML code you want, including third-party code, for example from websites like YouTube and Photobucket.

Mobile and Apps

In this day and age, it is absolutely necessary for your website to be mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile devices. Webstarts allows you to create a mobile website, but bear in mind that this option is reserved only for users with Pro Plus and Business accounts. The mobile editor is accessible through the main site editor, using a mobile phone icon. This editor takes the content you created for the desktop website and adjusts it so that it fits any mobile device screen. The mobile editor works pretty much the same way as the desktop one, and your website will be almost the same – but not completely, as you will probably need to hide (not delete, though) some elements in order for everything to fit on a smaller screen.

Social Integration

Another important feature that every website should have is social media integration. This basically means providing links for your social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram – and adding buttons on your website so your visitors can check your profiles as well. You can also add Instagram feed, that will show all your Instagram photos on your website.


SEO Tools

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps you make your website more visible on major search engines. Obviously, it is a very important feature and again, it is a technique that you don’t have to be particularly skillful at, since Webstarts takes care of that for you. There is a handy SEO Wizard that optimizes your website for all major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing…) and tells you exactly what you need to do in order to be ranked high on search engines.

Marketing Tools

Pro Plus and Business accounts get a certain amount of free ad credits, including Google Adwords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Amazon, which allows you to promote your website in an easy and affordable way. This is an impressive selection of advertising credits, since many builders only offer Adwords, and some don’t even include them in their plans. There is also an e-mail marketing suite, but, again, it is reserved only for those with the most expensive account (Business plan).


Webstarts also helps you keep track of your traffic. With Webstarts Analytics, you can find out how many visitors you have in a given period (day, week, month, year…), the number of visitors in any given moment, the amount of time visitors spend on the website, their activity, location, search terms they used that led them to your website, and other useful data. You can also integrate a Google Analytics account to your Webstarts account. In addition, Webstarts offers a hit counter app, which is a counter showing the exact number of visitors on your page so far.

Bonus Features

Webstarts offers a stock image library, with a nice selection of stock images you can use to make your website richer and nicer.  There is also a possibility to create members-only pages (remember, Webstarts allows you to create unlimited pages), in case you want to share some content only with a certain crowd. Again, this is not something we see a lot in other website builders. In addition, you can disable right-click feature and thus protect your content from being downloaded by visitors, if you want.

Webstarts also offers a selfie cam, menu builder, music player, and other interesting features and apps that will make your website more functional and attractive.


If you want to sell products (physical or digital, it doesn’t matter) through your website, there is an online store available, but only to subscribers with a Business account. The Webstarts Shopping Cart allows you to accept credit cards, including  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. The company collaborates with WePay to allow you to accept credit cards directly from your website. Your customers can also pay with PayPal and Stripe.

You can sell products by size, color or any other category, send personal e-mails to customers, create an e-mail subscribe form, set up free or tiered shipping fees, set custom tax options, and so on.



Webstarts offers a great selection of pre-made templates you can use. They are divided into categories, from art and photography, through entertainment, to food and drink, health and fitness, pets, web design, weddings, and many more. Basically, whatever you want your website to be about, you will be able to find a category that fits it.

Once you choose a template, you can customize it to a great extent. You can change the background, add photos and images, change styles, fonts, colors, sections, and so on.

Most of the templates are very well done. Some of them are true gems, while some feel a bit basic, but all of them have a very modern, hip feel to them, as their creators obviously follow the latest design trends.

If you don’t like any of the templates Webstarts offers in their template gallery, you can always pick a blank one and build your website from scratch.


Help and Support

Webstarts has a decent Help Center page, with a knowledgebase that is conveniently divided into categories (blog, website builder, shopping cart, designer platform, etc) so that you can work your way around it easily and quickly. There is also a search bar you can use to quickly find the answers to your issues. As we already mentioned earlier in this Webstarts review, the editor itself features a tiny Help window you can consult as you edit your website.

As for technical support, it is offered in the form of e-mail support for the Free and Pro account, and e-mail and phone support for the Pro Plus and Business accounts. Unfortunately, there is no live chat option.

Plans and Pricing

As we already mentioned in our Webstarts review, there is a free account you can use, however, as it is usually the case, it is quite restrictive. If you decide to go with a free plan, you will be able to use the editor, 1GB of cloud storage, use 1GB of bandwidth per month, and there will be ads shown on your page.

The Pro account costs $9.78 per month and includes social media integration, contact forms for up to 100 contacts, up to five slideshows and galleries, 5GB cloud storage, 25GB bandwidth per month and an ads-free website.

The Pro Plus account is $14.32 per month, for which you get a domain name, $250 in free ad credit, SEO tools, social media integration, unlimited slideshows and galleries, 10GB cloud storage, 100GB/month bandwidth, contact forms for up to 1,000 contacts, e-mail and phone support and an ads-free website, as well as mobile site optimization, custom HTML access and membership feature.

Finally, the most expensive plan, called Business, costs $39.98 per month and includes everything listed in the Pro Plus plan, except you get $500 in free ad credit, five business e-mails, unlimited contacts, 40GB cloud storage, unlimited bandwidth, an online store, e-mail marketing suite, lead management and lightning fast CDN.

  • Plenty of bonus features
  • Membership system
  • Unlimited pages
  • Stock image library
  • Intuitive, user-friendly editor.
  • Free plan


  • No live chat support
  • No unlimited storage
  • Free plan is quite limited.

Webstarts Review Conclusion

Despite its website looking a bit outdated and basic – which doesn’t exactly instill confidence – Webstarts is actually a quite decent website editor. It is very simple and extremely user-friendly, and regardless of your level of expertise in this field, you should be able to build a decent-looking website in no time. The templates are attractive enough and there are a lot of widgets and apps you can add to your website to make it more appealing to your visitors. However, some features that are considered standard, such as SEO tools, are only available to those who have paid one of the more expensive plans. Also, if you are interested in setting up an online store as well, you will have to buy the most expensive plan, since it is the only one that includes Webstarts’ own shopping cart. Customer support is also quite limited, especially for the free and Pro plans.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Ben Richman on 11/17/2016
    I would definitely recommend Webstarts to anyone, with just a few reservations: first, you need to buy an actual plan, not the free one, if you want to use all the stuff they offer. The free plan is basically crap. Second, their support is sometimes very slow and inefficient.


  • Submitted By Sadie BooBoo Mason on 10/22/2016
    I made a website using Webstarts for my musical project. I chose this builder because it allows you to add an audio player and to embed youtube videos. I just don’t like that I have to upgrade to Business if I want to start selling my CDs and demo tapes.


  • Submitted By Michelle Chow on 07/08/2016
    Webstarts is a pretty good website builder. Nothing too crazy, but for a small personal website or blog, it works just fine.


WebStarts Review
Updated : 2021-07-28
Rating : 8.9/10