Useful Tips From Someone Who’s Used Website Builders For Years

October 22, 2016

I still remember the early days of website builders. They were just as rudimentary as you might expect, with functions and features so limited they were nearly unusable. Of course, developers and designers were laughing them off, confident these websites and companies will never become more than a passing trend.

A few years later, and the situation is a completely different one. The best website builders are allowing total noobs to create websites in a matter of minutes; websites that will be perfectly functional and usable. I have been using various website builders since their infancy and I have to admit that, over the years, I have fallen in love with them.

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I do not want to sound as if I am endorsing any of the top website builders here, but there are really quite a few out there that will allow you to create websites that will be everything you need, especially if you are not looking for something too outrageous.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing a website builder, though. For one, you should check out their platform. Namely, all of these services have their own platforms which are used to build websites. Some are more complex than others and may require some knowledge of coding. Most of them will be totally suitable for complete noobs, so don’t worry.

One thing you should worry about is whether you will find a way with this platform. It does not matter how many themes you can choose from or how many additional features you will get – if the platform is not clicking with you, skip it.

I know. I have tried pretty much all of them. Some clicked for me. Others didn’t. Of course, it does matter how many different themes you can choose from. I was just making a point above. If your choices are too limited, you can rest assured there are a thousand websites just like yours out there and it will be near impossible to distinguish between them. The number is important, but it is also important how often they update their theme base. Some website builders have teams working on this 24/7 and putting out new themes almost daily.

Others, not so much. Another thing that I learned over the years and that is not covered often enough is that some website builders have their own stores where you can purchase new designs, elements and apps that you can then use on your website. These can be a fantastic way to make your website totally unique.

website builderMoreover, some website builders also feature pros who offer their services to less skilled webmasters. For example, on some of them, you can hire a designer to do your logo or something even more substantial for your website. You will get a personalized service for one part of your website and you will not have to pay outrageous prices for it.

Over the years, I also learned that many people who run websites sooner or later learn a bit about coding. I am saying this because there are website builder services that allow people who know how to code to play around and modify their websites even further. Some website builders lack this feature and once you learn to code a bit, you will not like the fact you are limited to the simple point-and-click way of building your sites.

It is also real important to make sure the website builder is not being sneaky about their pricing. It’s like your grandma taught you – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You will never be able to get a half-decent website for free or for a pittance. If you want to feel comfortable and if you do not want to deal with all kinds of issues, be prepared to pay the price.

You will soon discover the golden middle. Sticking with it is usually the best idea. I have used innumerable super cheap website builders and in the end, I had more problems with them than you can imagine. Once you decide on a website builder, I would recommend that you check out their instructional videos and their help section. Many people skip this step and then they have to go back and fix the stuff they did wrong. Furthermore, these videos and guides will show you what the website builder is capable of and this will result in better websites.

Also, if you have the time, check out your competition and see what other people did. Maybe you have a great idea in your mind, but you may find out it doesn’t work very well. It is best to think things through before making a decision. Oh, also, remember to have fun!

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