What Are Website Builders?

April 20, 2016

There are several ways we could define a website builder. The simplest way would be to say that they are tools we use to create websites, without actually writing any code ourselves. Website builders, also known as onlinecontent management systems (CMS) or simply web builders, are platforms or software that could be classified as CMS, with one difference compared to the original sense of the term. Normally, CMS is used to run large websites while website builders are generally used to create smaller projects.

What Are Website Builders?

What makes website builders interesting and relevant to people outside of the web development and programming industry is the fact they allow you to create a website all by yourself, without doing any code-writing. This is important because “laymen” normally can’t write code or may have some limited knowledge of it, but not enough to actually implement it on a proper, functioning website. On the other hand, website builders give you the creativity and freedom in creating and updating your own website, something you don’t really get when you hire someone to do it for you, not to mention they’re way cheaper.

In case you were wondering, yes, you really can create an actual, legitimate, properly functioning web presence (a web page, if you wish) using a website maker. And it’s not just about creating a website either. It’s also about maintaining it, updating it with new content, text, articles, photos, whatever it is you want to share with the world through your website. One of the most important jobs of website builders is to make sure this goes down smoothly and easily because, like we said, these tools are for people who have little to no programming skills.

Like other kinds of CMS, website builders create pages by keeping design and content strictly separated, which allows for better indexing by search engines, and we don’t have to explain how important this is. It also means that, if there is something about the design you don’t like and want to change, you can do so without even touching the content. This is a very convenient feature and it can be done very quickly and effortlessly.


What Are Website Builders?Another great thing about website builders is that you own the content, whether it’s text, video, images, sounds, whatever, and if you decide to move, you can take all of it with you. The design is a different story, though. If you use templates from the website builder’s library, you can’t just take it away when you move to a different builder or a different host. You are basically just renting all the elements of design.

Most website building services use the “drag and drop” principle. Let’s say that you want to add some content to your website, like text or an image. You upload your content and then literally just drag it to the desired position and drop it there. The same goes for graphic design elements, illustrations, buttons, links and other parts of the website. This approach not only makes things incredibly easy even for absolute newbies, but it also allows you to see first hand exactly what your website is going to look like once it goes online. It’s precisely this remarkable feature that makes website builders so popular.

Design is one element that website builder service providers pay particular attention to. They all offer pretty much the same features, but what makes one provider stand out among the others are design templates and libraries. You don’t want your website to have some generic image or color scheme. You want it to stand out, and that’s why design is so important.

There are two basic types of website builders – online and offline. Online website builders are obviously completely web-based and they use a provider’s server for their activity. You can access them from any standard browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Offline website builders come in form of software you download and install on your computer.

Online web builders are useful because there’s no need to install anything on your computer and you can access them from any device. Another benefit is that web hosting and the website builder come from the same provider, so you have that issue covered. On the other hand, one major advantage of offline website builders is that you don’t have to rely on network connection to build your site, or on your service provider. One thing is for sure, website builders provide us with another solution to the quandary of how to design website.

Best Website Builders of 2016

Our team has researched the vast market of website builders, taking into account several important criteria, so that we could present you this comprehensive list of the best website builders for 2016.