Which Website Builder Is Best For You?

June 13, 2016

Having a website was once a privilege of either the wealthy or the skilled, since actually making a website required money (to pay someone to do it) or knowledge (in case you did it yourself). Companies, organizations and associations have been using websites as a marketing or selling tool for ages now, but personal websites are another story.

Which Website Builder Is Best or You?

There is a myriad of reasons why someone would need a website. Companies absolutely require it as it is almost impossible to do any business without one. Personal websites have also becoming popular because there are actually a lot of good reasons why a website is better than, say, a Facebook or Tumblr page. First of all, your website can serve as your online resume, a much more serious one than your Facebook page. Second, it makes you look professional. Third, websites are almost completely customizable, unlike the pages on social media.

There’s no denying that having a website is very useful, but that doesn’t make them any easier to make. Or does it? In case you’re not familiar with the website builder market, you will be surprised to learn that there are now ways for you to create a website for yourself, by yourself, without almost any technical knowledge or big funds. Website builders allow you to make any type of website you want without having to write a single line of code. There are tons of website builders on the market today, and picking one may be a difficult taskLet’s take a look at what makes the best website builders, hoping it will help you decide.

Ease of Use

First of all, a website builder has to be easy to use. What’s the purpose of a website builder if not to do all the things you’re not able to, and to do so with the minimum effort? Ease of use is a variable category and depends on many factors, but let’s just say that the service should be quick, clear, clean and intuitive and it should cater even to the absolute beginners in the field of website building.


Another important factor is the level of customization a website builder allows. Sometimes these builders offer too many fancy features that most regular users will never use, and they add up to the price. You need something simple and effective, not complicated and fancy.

Client Support

Third, you will require good customer support in case something goes wrong or you can’t figure out how something works. You will need a builder with a solid FAQ and knowledge base page and good live support, either via live chat or by phone.


Woman at ComputerYou should also take a look at how many people use a certain website builder. The more the better, obviously. A growing customer base is the best guarantee for a company or a service, whatever their field might be. One way to check a builder’s popularity is by running its name through Google trends to see how often people search for it. Trustworthy, legitimate and high-quality website builders have probably been around for a while and have already made a name for themselves.

Pricing and Refund Policy

When you start looking for top website builders, you will realize that there’s a ton of them out there and that they come with pretty different price tags. This may be confusing since most of them offer similar features, and you might be tempted to go for the cheapest one. Be careful, though, because sometimes cheap means poor quality, slacker customer support and a lack of features. You should look for builders that have a good value for money, meaning they offer the most in terms of features, ease of use, support and reliability, and still don’t cost a small fortune.

You should also look into your prospective website builder’s refund policy. You definitely don’t want to deal with a company that won’t return your money If their product turns out to be garbage.

Word of Mouth

Finally, remember that the Internet is a tremendous source of information and that if something exists, then there’s someone out there online talking about it. Don’t be lazy, look for reviews, see what people had to say about a specific website builder and ask for recommendations. That way you’ll get all the pros and cons about a builder, see what its weak spots are and in which qualities it excels.

Best Website Builders of 2016

Our team has researched the vast market of website builders, taking into account several important criteria, so that we could present you this comprehensive list of the best website builders for 2016.